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Idea-Action Soros, a + Europe funding and sovereignty

Soros, a + Europe funding and sovereignty

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by Ernesto Auci*

Great scandal for the generous financing of Soros a + Europa. Some low-level politicians have been practicing insulting Soros for some time saying that he is a speculator who has damaged Italy, and an ambiguous character who plots against Europe, besides of course being a Jew. Among the scandalized, the decerebrated one of Meloni, who evidently knows nothing of what has happened in the world, has stood out.

Soros is a speculator in the noble sense of the term, that is, of a person who can see far and understand phenomena before others. Of course if he has operational skills and if his predictions prove right, he will earn money as it did in 1992 when politicians imposed an absurd defense of the lira and the British pound. In short, it can be said that a good speculator bets against the lack of politicians. And today we are not exactly safe between Di Maio and Salvini.

George Soros

As for Europe, it would be sufficient to scroll through some of the numerous articles written by Soros, to realize that we are faced with a true pro-European who tries them all to save the dream of the patri founders that we, degenerate children, risk sending upstream.

Soros is against austerity, and has proposed an expansive monetary policy by the ECB well in advance. It is certainly against sovereignty and it is against Orbán's Hungary that is the friend Di Salvini and Meloni. In short, an American who is truly a friend of the Old Continent and an enemy of those who want to return to the old national states, which would be little boats tossed by the waves raised by the large ocean liners represented by China, the USA, Russia and India.

*Ernesto Auci (Rome, 9 February 1946) is an Italian journalist and politician, former director of Il Sole 24 ORE from 1997 to 2001, deputy in the XVII legislature.

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