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Tuesday 20 April 2021

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Special Craxi

When the curtain falls on the last show, the windows of the bookstores will be turned off and there will be nothing and no one to commemorate, Craxi and the Socialist party will no longer find space in the news.

It may have been a more or less shareable policy and different assessments are more than legitimate: what appears to be difficult to argue, however, is the value of a culture, the reformist and liberal-democratic one, which was an essential part of Italian history of the last century.

From this political culture Moondo intends to start again, from the recovery of the liberal-socialist demands of the Rosselli brothers, to knot the torn threads of history, to give new life to the political debate, to broaden the perspective of social and civil rights, in a new welfare that looks to the future of our country.

After January 19, 2020, our commitment to rebuild a political culture between reformism and liberal socialism.