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Network Sportmemory is online

Sportmemory is online

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It is good news.

It is good news to know that a new possibility of deepening and knowing faces the challenge of the open sea, which is not a sea, but a network where, paradoxically, we all sail or, perhaps, are a bit trapped by it.

Sportmemory was born.

Sportmemory presents itself as a media storytelling and proposes not to compete in the group of many who provide information on sport, but to travel the extreme adventure of recovering lost memory, narration and storytelling, counting on keeping the reader still for minutes to pass between words and images. Certainly ambitious goal, almost visionary and heroic in a network system which, on the other hand, lives on the beating rhythm of old information after a minute and on the superficial reading of the titles, hardly on the deepening.

An extreme adventure that we at Moondo know well, because it is the same as ours.

Sportmemory has turned its gaze on sport and on that whole of living humanity, made up of emotions, inspirations and suggestions, which from the sporting experience, whether competitive or amateur, draws inspiration and strength to look at life with pleasure, facing its sacrifices and rejoicing in the joys.

Sportmemory narrates, therefore, and does it with a broadcaster publishing program: a monthly magazine online from 2 April and then every first Friday of the month, an expanding social ecosystem, a first documentary that will be presented by the end of June and a podcast line that will be presented by the end of July.

First steps, of course, but with clear ideas that we like, perhaps because we at Moondo are also a challenge and we too wear the jacket of visionaries and not that of replicants.

It is a debut of surprising content, a narrative arc that unfolds between stories outside the lines where anecdotes and personal memories run after each other ranging from the Olympic gold medal to those who practice sport, any sport, for pure non-competitive personal passion.

That's good news, then.

Good news for everyone and, let me say, also for us at Moondo that now we feel a little less alone in going through the adventure we have chosen to live.

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