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Recommended Agea tender: letter to the Director

Agea tender: letter to the Director

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On the olive oil race for the poor in Italy that we have published in recent days we have received the following letter:

Dear Director,

we read with great interest the publication that your newspaper made of the results of the Agea tender for the supply to the State of bottles of extra virgin olive oil for free distribution to the poor. It filled our hearts with joy to know that in our country there are - in addition to the farmers who cultivate olive trees and oil mills - a large number of industrial companies specialized in importing and marketing the oil of others. countries that with great generosity are ready to give up their profits to contribute to this meritorious work of the state. Unfortunately, as always happens in our country, the controversies immediately began, but we ask you, how do you have doubts about an operation of this kind: a bottle of a liter of extra virgin olive oil at 2,23 or 2,28 euros, price which the oil will be sold to the state, is a real gift for which we should all thank these companies and in particular the one that won all four races. In fact, the large organizations such as Coldiretti or Assitol representing agricultural and oil companies have not said a word.

On the contrary, journalists and politicians have come to the point of making shameful inferences: some parliamentarians even asked the minister of agriculture why the competitions for cheese and ham have been reserved for PDO products while for the oil a base has been set. auction with a maximum price reduction such as to automatically exclude the offer of oil produced in Italy, whose market price in the first quarter was 3,1 euros per kg.

But Minister Bellanova defended the work of Agea, a body supervised by his ministry (which announced the tender) which, let's face it, was able to do so thanks to Europe that gave us the 8 million euros to buy the oil and therefore no oil could be excluded, it was enough that it was made with European olives. Immediately someone rose to say that in this way Spanish oil was favored: apart from the fact that there is nothing wrong with using Spanish oil, so much so that we gladly buy it at the supermarket at 2,95, and that in any case it is always better than the Tunisian one which, according to official data from the Tunis government, exported 2020 thousand tons of olive oil in 240 with prices between 1,64 and 1,86 euros / kg., these prices have precipitated the oil market on European squares with serious repercussions also on the next oil campaign in Italy: it cannot be excluded that it also arrives on our tables perhaps at carnival, when masks are used, perhaps made up of a Spanish bullfighter by an Andalusian make-up artist ...

However, to put an end to all the chatter, the minister immediately arranged to give Italian oil producers 20 million euros, we do not know how, but above all the Agea executives cut the bull's head by asking the company that won , based on Article 95 of the procurement code DLGS N.50 / 2016 which provides for the possibility for the administration to cancel the tender in self-defense, traceability, invoices and anything else provided for by the law so that there are no more doubts about the correctness and transparency of the supply. Thanking you for your welcome

A group of devoted readers

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