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Leafing through the New York Times Texas slows down reopening as the virus grows everywhere

Texas slows down reopening as the virus grows everywhere

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Leafing through the New York Times today 26/06/2020

About half of the first page is occupied by two large maps of the United States, (one of the week 24/30 March and one 18/24 June) to demonstrate the changes in the spread of the virus: in the first, the infection is concentrated almost only around New York City and New Orleans, with the rest of the country almost clean, in the second the virus has greatly decreased in New York while it is dense in almost the whole country, with peaks scattered all over the place.

Beside, under the title “Texas slows down reopening as the virus grows everywhere”Two different articles. "Majority of young people in the last wave". In Texas, where the governor suspended the reopening process as hospitals became more and more crowded, patients under 40 make up the majority of the infected. And the other article: “Governors under pressure in the western and southern states". Following Texas' lead, other states have decided to pause the reopening process. This development questions any idea that we are in the end. Last Wednesday, with 36.975 new cases, it was a record since the outbreak. The hardest hit: Alabama, Missouri, Montana and Utah.


-      Biden is first in key states while Trump loses white voters. Trump lost strength in the six states that led him to victory in 2016, while Biden gains an advantage of over 10% in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The advantage Trump had among white voters has almost vanished.

-      Barr pushed from the start to weaken New York prosecutors. As soon as he was appointed Minister of Justice, he worked to weaken the accusation against one of Trump's closest collaborators, his "fixer": fix Mochael Cohen. The debate on this case was one of the first signs of a relationship that culminated last week with the sudden dismissal of the attorney general in New York, Geoffrey Berman.

-      Another video, another death: the Latins of Tucson are not surprised. The video: a naked man, handcuffed, on the ground face down at his grandmother's house, under the weight of a policeman, asking for water and breath at least a dozen times. The victim, who was preparing the meal for her daughter, had a mental attack which called the police. His death is a horrible warning that the Latins also have a troubled history with the police.


-      Portrait of life in India. In the state of Gujarat, in the far west of the country, philosophies of asceticism coexist with the wildest capitalism.

-      UAE reduces the pact with Israel. The UAE stated that an agreement to combat coronavirus was only valid between private companies.

-      Military boost of China. From the Himalayas to the southern seas, China pushes on its territorial demands, increasing the possibility of additional military clashes.

-      The statues fall and it's personal. The descendants of the characters whose statues have been torn down are confronted with a re-examination of history in a very personal way.

-      Slowdown in police reform. The police "lobbies" are successfully pushing MPs to reject stricter laws.

-      Long way to recovery. While coronavirus outbreaks are raging across the country, new unemployed people have passed the million mark in the fourteenth week.

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