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Recommended That a secretary is ashamed of what happens in his party ...

That a secretary is ashamed of what happens in his party opens the door to two tragic reflections ...

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The facts have changed the political situation beyond the forecast of a week ago. The crisis within the M5Stelle and the Democratic Party has precipitated so drastically that it appears the antechamber of an implosion.

    The most sensational episode is represented by the resignation of Nicola Zingaretti as secretary of the PD. The news took us by surprise, well beyond the turbulence that has long been shaking the heir party of the PCI, the PDS and so on, as for the motivation given by the secretary, verbatim, "I am ashamed that in the party there is only talk of armchairs ".

     That a secretary is ashamed of what is happening in his party opens the door to two tragic reflections.

     Before, how come the glorious and strongest party of the left, just a century after the Livorno split, always characterized by hatred towards reformist socialism in the decades that come up to date, suddenly turns out to be a Pandora's box di internal currents who fight to conquer seats of power. 

    Currents that look more like old divisions of the hated DC, where the groups alternated with an exchange of blows and a prevalence of one hour of the other, but maintaining to the end a unity that derived from a solid and vast social base. Nothing to do with the currents that animated the PSI,  as long as they existed before Midas in 1976, when there was no shadow of armchairs and the debate focused on programmatic proposals, on the turning point to be given to Italian society in terms of civil rights, workers' rights, land reform ( laws against building speculation), economic planning, monetary policy, and, only later, political alliances, such as the one that led, in the 70s, to the season of center left, to the hopes it opened and which were jointly thwarted by the Christian Democratic resistance and the communist opposition.

   On this level, good Nicola, who was a child at the time, read some parliamentary act, some history books, and - together with his comrades today - take some lessons, read the profile, drawn last on The La Verità  by Marcello Veneziani, an old guru of the left, the philosopher Prof. Tronti, and he will understand something of the malaise that risks bringing the Democratic Party to the end. 

   Second reflection. But, in the last two or three years, Zingaretti who has done, led the party or slept in the headquarters of the Lazio region, of which he is governor? Where are his great political intuitions, where the social impulses, where the programmatic proposals? Absolute zero. It will go down in history (excessive word) as the  sleeping secretary. He was not able to avoid two divisions - first Renzi's Italia Viva and then Calenda's Action, not a single word was heard aimed at regaining unity, on the contrary he pushed for those fringes to be removed, finally throwing himself on the presumed or real team interior of former Renzians.

    Scarce of his own initiatives, as he continues to demonstrate with the abandonment of a sinking ship, he should question himself on the strategy (another unknown word) suggested to him by incredible and discredited characters of the past PCI, followed by December until the end of the crisis. Before "Count or deathtogether with the 5Stelle, with a morganatic marriage, then never again with Renzi,  not even to say the presence in the majority of Berlusconi, and finally woe to appoint Lega and Salvini.  Finally, the crooked acceptance of the Draghi government, la oppression of the female component remained without office at minister level, concluding with a flourish with the relaunch of the end of life agreement with the M5S A masterpiece worthy of applause. More than a lame duck, a roast duck, mocked by Beppe Grillo who has just nominated himself as Secretary of the PD.

     grillini friends, don their side, they fare the same or worse. MPs who did not accept the conclusions of the crisis and voted against the new government, hunted as per statute.  But the statute does not apply to everyone, it is like the skin of the most holy, and you iron it on both sides. The two mandates, for whom they are valid and for whom not.

   Thenfant prodigy Di Battista he chose the door and left, waiting for better times. The distinguished Casaleggio and its Rousseau platform they are on a war footing and have launched a poster to go against the wind, in the meantime, a claim in money that the movement has not paid for the service received. It is the antechamber of separation.  

   Hope does not die, and here is the idea of rely on Giuseppe Conte, in an attempt to re-float the boat. 

    The professor will perhaps accept, but on his terms, which, if you understand well, would consist in the end of an adventure movement, where one counted for one and ended up counting for nothing. A hybrid subject would be born between liberalism and populism.

   This being the case, the road may seem cleared, the direction of travel would be to incorporate the veterans of the 5Stelle putting them together with those of the PD. 

  An association of fighters and veterans che will be able to boast the colored ribbons of the glorious campaigns fought. And lost.

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