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Idea-Action Is the time for sunset of the European Union's harassment about to strike?

Is the time for sunset of the European Union's harassment about to strike?

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To understand, at the mass level, the political phenomena affecting the community, worldwide or even nationally, it usually takes very long times. Not all political leaders, in spite of the consents obtained, shine for their diagnostic acuteness and often the routine leads them to deal more with small local or corporate quarrels (bearers of votes) and / or personal quarrels from "strapaese" that do not of the destinies of the community that sends them to Parliament and the Government.

In the epoch immediately preceding the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill's lucid vision of the Nazi danger was clearly minority in front of the many exponents of Parliament and Government, British, even of the highest level, taken by a sort of insane infatuation for Adolf Hitler. Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Europeans in the continental part were afflicted with even greater blindness.

Today the clarity of Donald Trump in North America (and Vladimir Putin in Russia, who goes, however, especially on his behalf in defense of the interests of the great country that governs) is contrasted by the short-sightedness of the political leaders of the Euro-continent. They, with their uncritical and bleating followers (with a rusty mind or gigantic mental laziness that keeps them tied to the values ​​learned on school desks or so) persist, some for calculated interests and / or for presumed bad faith, others for simple ineptitude and political incapacity, to repeat stale ejaculations on the Values ​​of Europeanism of the Founding Fathers. With stubborn obstinacy they renounce to oppose refusals of subordination to technocrats of no political importance and to admit that the collapse of Europe, on the world production level, began, almost exclusively, with the lack of any political and economic initiative of the autonomous and not piloted, through Brussels, by the central banks of financial capitalism in New York and London.

European Commission Brussels EU
European Commission Brussels EU

None of them wonders why European countries, from a position of leadership among the great productive centers of the world, have plunged into the current abyss, making only the joy of the lending banks to lopsided and disastrous companies and the economic fortune of the managers, to various levels, of the lucrative Central African labor trafficking.

Paradoxically, the Member States of the European Union are unable to free themselves from that hegemonic, exclusivist and prevaricating monetarism from which, instead, the British and US governments, despite having "at home" the financial centers of that power, managed to free themselves with Brexit and with the lucid and effective policy of Donald Trump.

The European states have so far not been able to follow the example of the Americans and the British. And this, not only in the rejection of the hegemony of Wall Street and the City but also in the necessary revision of certain principles of liberalism (those that Putin effectively defined as "obsolete") on the exchange of goods without duties. And this, in various, unfavorable conditions of pay (in producing countries) of workers.

The reasons for such incapacity are manifold. First, the social fabric of the Euro-continental nations is far from Anglo-Saxon empiricism aimed at healthy pragmatism. Instead, it is full of (false and instrumental, as History has unfortunately taught us) humanitarian concepts of a universal and abstract type which inevitably tend to favor the enrichment of restricted oligarchies and, at the same time, operational paralysis than all the other citizens.

Secondly, as always in a context of pretentious pseudo-values, the clever ones outweigh the intelligent ones and each one considers it useful to see something more important than the collective interest in the satisfaction of his small shop or corporation interests.

Thirdly, the officials of banks in the effective government of the European Union put all kinds of obstacles in the way of all the countries that show signs of rebellion against the vexatious and unequal measures of repression against any desire to make their own mind. Of these, the threat of infringement proceedings is the final and decisive weapon.

Fortunately, as at the end of Churchill, in the end, his perspicacity, intelligence and operational ability were understood and shared, so today there are timid signs of repentance by those who have always been deployed, perhaps even unconsciously and in good faith , on the side of monetary capitalism and the policy of "throttling" the desire to redeem some countries that showed they were less asleep than others. Of course, the European elections have shown that the Old Continent is far from having reached that clarity of ideas sufficient to free it from the ties of subjection to power of the Brussels technocrats (in turn, compliant with the directives of high finance) but the chaos that is characterizing the appointments to the Union summit is a good omen. A mental openness of all the Euro-continental ostriches that continued, for decades, to stick their heads in the sand to not see reality no longer seems unlikely.

In the widespread sense of Euro-continental confusion, our country, in its institutional leaders, is giving unexpected signs of firm opposition to the bullying of current European political leaders (who, although dethroned, continue to make the big voice, especially and strangely only against us ).

Politicians of little experience and of opposing ideological training (always influenced by absolutist views, hardly compatible with a liberal vision of collective life) are, despite their intellectual limitations, effectively contrasting the presence of self-styled "democratic" fifth columns ".

The sad Italian record of the "house traitors" and the stabs inflicted on the shoulders of the authorities to the government of the country has received yet another confirmation with the presence of Italian parliamentarians aboard the Sea Watch, welcome guests of its "captain" (a German at the command of a Dutch ship, with good evidence, no longer composed) who had decided to carry out an illegal action and declared conflict, deliberately ramming an Italian warship stopped in port. The Teutonic commander nurtured and expressed clearly the confidence that his insane gesture would throw havoc not only among politicians, characterized by personal and party livorities unknown in other countries, but also among the Italian magistrates, notoriously divided in the interpretation of the law, also entrusted, in an exclusive and substantially uncontrollable way, to their competence.

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