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Recommended The UAE offers citizenship in exchange for their intellectual wealth

The UAE offers citizenship in exchange for their intellectual wealth

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Press review from 25 to 31 January 2021.

The Covid crisis has spared no one and with the collapse of oil prices, the Arab Emirates have also begun to suffer the blows of the pandemic. A country that owes its wealth also to the finance and tourism sector, today for the first time finds itself rewarding anyone who is considered a bearer of added value for the country.

Talents such as engineers, economic investors, scientists, architects, doctors, artists, anyone who can be a wealth for the Persian Gulf federation will have the opportunity to receive citizenship together with your family.

This statement was announced by Emirati Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai.

As the ruler of Dubai explained, it will be the rulers or high officials who choose the most reliable candidates. An opportunity offered to "those who can contribute to our development journeyEmir al Maktoum told The National newspaper.

As reported by Ansa, Dubai in 2019 offered a “golden card”, a residence and work permit for 10 years for some specific jobs and for particularly promising students.

Coronavirus around the world

According to data from the World Health Organization, 570.976 new coronavirus cases were registered in the world in 24 hours.

The country with the highest number of cases, according to WHO data, is still the United States with 155.203 a day, the most affected country in the world for total cases (25.929.282) and victims (436.678).

In second place for the increase in daily infections is Brazil: 63.520 in 24 hours. The cases since the beginning of the pandemic are 9.118.513 (third country in the world after the USA and India) and 222.666 deaths (second in the world, after the USA).

Among the 10 countries with the highest daily increase in cases, in third place, is the United Kingdom: 28.680 newly infected.

In fourth place among the countries with the most infections in 24 hours is France: 23.347.

The fifth country that recorded the highest number of infected in 24 hours, according to WHO data of January 29, is Russia: 19.238.

In sixth place among the countries with the most cases recorded in 24 hours is India: 18.855. India is the second country in the world for total number of infections (after the USA) and the fourth for number of deaths (after the USA, Brazil and Mexico). Cases in India since the beginning of the pandemic are 10.733.130 and 154.147 deaths.

In seventh place among the countries with the most cases registered in 24 hours is Mexico: 17.944. In Mexico, the official infected, in total, are 1.841.893 and 156.579 deaths (third country for number of victims after the USA and Brazil).

Spain comes in eighth place. Since the start of the pandemic there are 2.743.119 and 58.319 deaths. Among the 10 nations in the world with the most infections in 24 hours, in ninth place, is Portugal: 16.432 new cases.

The tenth country that recorded the highest number of infected in 24 hours, according to WHO data of January 29, is Italy: 14.360 new cases. The cases in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University data updated to January 30, are 2.529.070 and 87.858 deaths.


The draft law approved on January 29, 2020 qualifies euthanasia as not punishable.

With 136 votes in favor, 78 against and 4 abstentions. The anticipation of death by decision of the person himself in a situation of extreme suffering, with irreversible injuries, of extreme seriousness, scientifically proven, or incurable and fatal disease, when practiced by or with the help of medical personnel has been approved in Portugal by Parliament.

A parliamentary decision for a country with a Catholic majority that found itself in disagreement with the radical thinking of the Church, which had proposed a referendum. President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a Catholic and conservative, has yet to expose himself on the issue and may promulgate the text or decide to submit it to the Constitutional Court or even veto it.

United States

The new president of the United States Joe Biden since his rise in the field is definitely making several changes.

On January 28, he again authorized the federal government to fund foreign associations that promote or provide information on abortion, revoking the so-called "Mexico City policy".

A rule that was first introduced by Ronald Reagan and later confirmed by Republican presidents, including Donald Trump. Biden has also ordered a review of the freeze on funding for US abortion clinics.


Disconcerting but possible. It happens in Mexico. The wife taken by an attack of jealousy towards her husband, after seeing compromising photos on the man's mobile phone together with a woman, decides to stab him in a fit of jealousy, without listening to explanations.

Except to discover that these were photos of a few years past that portrayed the current wife as a young man with her husband, so it was not about any lover but only her as a young man. This is reported by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

The woman identified by the police as Leonora R accused her husband of cheating on her and stabbed him and wounded him in the legs.

At this moment the man's conditions are serious. The alarm was raised by the neighbors, who heard the couple's quarrels and called the police. The man was trying in every way to explain to his wife that the woman represented in the photos, with whom he was portrayed making love, was simply her as a young man, but this was not enough to clear his mind to the wife who did not stopped hurting him and leaving him in a pool of blood.

Now the woman is in prison.


In 2014, 55% of the Scottish people were in favor of staying in the United Kingdom, but according to the opinion of the Scottish National Party, favored in the local elections scheduled for the spring, leaving Europe for the United Kingdom would justify the possibility of a new referendum.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the occasion of his visit to Scotland on January 28, was clearly opposed to this new initiative, rejecting the idea of ​​a new referendum for the independence of the region.


In Colombia, eight former leaders of the rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) were indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, as reported by the International newspaper.

The accusations refer to a specific event in particular, the kidnapping of more than 21 people during the conflict. The provision was issued by the special peace tribunal established after the signing of the peace agreement between the government and the Farc in 2016.

Among the people indicted on January 28 we find the name of Rodrigo Londoño, known as Timochenko, current leader of the Partido comunes (Party of Municipalities).

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