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Uncomfortable diary The British have finally understood that being European is beautiful and also ...

The British have finally understood that being European is beautiful and also convenient

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Those who advise the queen in internal political matters - according to Grillo for years would not have the right to vote, like De Benedetti, let alone decide - should induce her to have her say on Brexit. It is now a national case and risks creating deep social fractures and damage to the economy. All this for the arrogance of a man who acts according to his own ideology and not in the interests of the country. Millions of citizens deceived by false news released by cheaters, albeit parliamentarians, are calling for a new referendum. They are entitled to it. Majesty, make sure it is granted.

The British have finally understood that being European is beautiful and also convenient

Flood alarm in the North, trains stopped on Genoa-Milan, are the headlines today

Overflowing rivers, streets invaded by water and mud, risk of flooding, closed schools. Someone leaves us the skin and the others cry on themselves. As if fate were adverse and it was angry with us. This is the case with the first rains in various parts of the country. The territory is rough. Europe would give us the money needed to rearrange it. But they would eat them right away as they always do. The wild constructions have invaded even the dry streams. Until, then, a sudden flood overwhelms the houses and the inhabitants. Elsewhere bad weather only creates some problems. Here, however, it is a tragedy.

What does Alitalia have that nobody wants to buy?

We have been looking for a partner for years. The consortium of entrepreneurs is useless. Although it is the carrier of one of the most visited countries in the world, anyone loses the investment. We are unable to manage a gold mine. 50 million tourists land every year in Rome and Venice. The other companies are getting richer, but with us the employees are always on layoffs. Excess staff, incompetent administrators, excessively high compensation, billionaire liquidations? Where's the rotten? Yet we have the best pilots, modern and comfortable planes, the most suggestive country.

How come so many children forgotten by parents in the car?

In 2012 two elderly spouses of Casale Monferrato had not forgotten their daughter in the car, they were unloading the groceries from the trunk. But the malice of some neighbors and inadequate justice accused them of neglect and, with unheard of cruelty, they gave the girl to others. Who knows if they survived the terrible pain. Since then, no one notices more than babies left for several hours in the sun. They die of it continuously, in summer almost one a day, due to the negligence of parents who do not love them, neglect them and it is not clear why they bring them into the world.

Only a bar that also sells hard drugs can pay such a high rent

After two and a half centuries the Greek coffee, historical Roman place in via Condotti founded in 1760, closes. The manager received the eviction because the owner of the walls does not have enough 15 thousand euros per month. He has tenfold the rent. He wants 150, or five thousand a day. Some have come forward Home high fashion. Of course, the location is prestigious. But how many clothes do they have to sell to go evenly? The cadastral destination, however, does not allow a boutique. There can only be one bar there. Therefore, in addition to sandwiches and aperitifs, he must also be authorized to peddle cocaine.

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