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Diary of a quarantine The Elysian Fields

The Elysian Fields

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Di Giuseppe Carro

One step and then another, then another, and the mouth assimilates a new, indeed, an ancient but renewed taste, that of a sacred freedom.

On the face the caress of a gentle breeze, perhaps a storm trained to give coolness: a gift of Zephyr I thought.

But a greater and more powerful divinity, beautiful, and wonderful, has overwhelmingly requested my gaze: Artemis, the growing moon, which prepares the way for Selene.

Hades himself, kidnapping Persephone, was unable to snatch his beauty from the world: spring has come anyway, fast has kidnapped the mountains.

Demeter does not cry, her daughter has gone back to winter, but in the evening, on this evening, I can only remember, the fate to which she is eternally linked.

So, with my mind now inclined to think about the pain, I remembered mine, he returned twisting my heart and stomach as in a single squeeze of fingers: the awareness of how maimed and maimed was the freedom that I had vaguely tasted just before.

I turned to the night, to the skies, to the mountains and to the trees, and I asked why: why it had been taken so much away from me.

No answer, because I didn't deserve any answer: nothing has been definitively taken away from me.

Everything will come back sooner or later, piece by piece, one tonight, another tomorrow, who knows.

We all have a lot in the world, necessity has asked us to give up a lot, but it will be returned to us: do not look for paradise then, since on earth, we already have the Elysian fields.

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