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Natural Theater The Italians have almost stopped cooking

The Italians have almost stopped cooking

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According to the Coop 2019 Report, less and less time is spent in the kitchen and an average of 37 minutes is spent preparing food. It is booming for food delivery which is now used by 26% of Italians. And even in shopping at the supermarket, instant food wins

Committed to chasing work and managing personal life, the Italians abandon their home stoves despite their passion for cooking. The digital preview of the "Coop 2019-Consumption and lifestyles report of today's Italians" was presented this morning in Milan. Written by the Research Office of Ancc-Coop (National Association of Consumer Cooperatives) with the scientific collaboration of Nomisma, the analysis support of Nielsen and the original contributions of Demos, Gfk, Gs1-Osservatorio Immagino, Iplc Italia, Iri Information Resources, Mediobanca Research Office, Npd, Pwc, Tetra Pak Italia.

food waste
How to avoid food waste. Photo credit: Brooke Cagle by unsplash.com

In 20 years we have halved the time spent cooking every day and now we dedicate just 37 minutes to it. This leads us to increase the expenditure for non-domestic catering (83 billion the expenditure for food consumption outside the home of Italian families in 2018) and also when we eat at home we prefer ready or quick food to prepare. It is booming for food delivery which is now used by 26% of Italians. And even in shopping at the supermarket, instant food wins (+ 9,3% in a year) and among the new trends that have arrived, even in large retailers, a predominant space is offered for the sushi offer; 42% of Italians are a regular buyer.

It is no coincidence therefore that while for the first time spending on smartphones is reduced (-1,6% from January to July 2019) the phenomenon of instant pots, electric pots explodes (+ 72,8% sales in the first 7 months of the year), which promise instant culinary successes. In this gastronomic revolution we also lose sight of the concept of "course" and for the first, traditional second course we favor snacks (sweet or savory, it doesn't matter, they both grow in double figures), fruit and vegetables better if already packed, the bars meal replacements and anything that can represent a ready meal.

While the traditional bubbles win in the glass (prosecco and sparkling wines continue their uninterrupted growth) alongside the beer boom (7 million hectoliters of beer drunk in the first 6 months of 2019) the new trend of flavored waters that dominate (in the last 12 months value sales record + 164,7%) against a drop in carbonated drinks. Another unequivocal sign of the broad health trend still in progress. And it is no coincidence that the cart of Italians is filled with fiber and protein (in 2018 on Google the word protein is associated with 64 million searches) at the expense of fats and carbohydrates.

2019 therefore marks, after years of consumption reduction, the great return of meat (+ 3,5% sales in 2019), especially Italian. Italianness is in fact the other key theme if you photograph the latest trends in food and even more in terms of flavor and price. 78% of consumers are reassured by 100% Italian origin and these products grow by + 4,8% in a year (2018 on 2017). Safety is the winning word even at the table.

Ecologists also convinced in food where 68% believe it is favorable to charge a supplement for disposable plastic products so as to discourage their purchase. An attitude that does us honor if we think that every week we inadvertently ingest 5 grams of microplastics with food, or the weight of a credit card (1 bottle of water can contain up to 240 microplastics per liter).

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