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Uncomfortable diary The anniversary of the expedition of the Thousand occurs but we are still divided into many ...

The anniversary of the expedition of the Thousand recurs, but we are still divided into many little stars

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From time to time Di Battista and Carfagna return, of whom nobody remembers during the absence. It is as if they never existed. Just like Garibaldi, who believed he had unified Italy with the meeting in Teano. He too, not appearing on TV anymore, had forgotten him. In the Lombardy region of Veneto the quarantine is interrupted and De Luca closes the borders of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies. But weren't they abolished in Europe? To spite the government, Santelli denies the virus. It is a war of secession. Like the Olympics, celebrations for the 2021th anniversary of the unification of Italy are also suspended in 160.

At the first weekend of the so-called "phase 2" the cages opened and someone believed they were free

There was a severe withdrawal crisis. Humans left only for work or urgent reasons and with caution, masks and gloves, respecting the safety distances. Those who, on the other hand, are driven by instinct, cannot understand that they risk their lives and threaten that of others, especially parents and grandparents. Why does the mayor get angry? How can you do it for two months without the aperitif? An irresistible call to the Navigli. It is hard to believe that once we were a people of heroes, poets, saints and navigators. Then, along with democracy and freedom, well-being came and we became a flock.

Who do they think these women are who always want to appear?

Here the virus was isolated to Spallanzani by three virologists. Italy was open-mouthed in disbelief in amazement. Really? How can three women! An even precarious one. And where were the men? There are also many researchers dealing with the vaccine that now seems close. Yet in the Technical Scientific Committee, which assists the government in the epidemic, there are none. Out of twenty members, not even one. It is right that in the maximum health facilities there are only men. They haven't forgotten them. Is that this society is ending up in the hands of women, better than us. Better to teach him a lesson.

The times when Bartali passed the bottle to Coppi are long gone and forgotten

Nobody owns our history nor the glorious characters who contributed to the growth of humanity from art to literature, from science to sport. Even in politics, when we were leaders in Europe. Even today, dealing with a terrible and unknown virus, we are driving to richer and more powerful countries that admire us. Why doesn't the other half of Italians adapt to the size that characterizes us? We help those who are at the helm in this moment of particular difficulty, when it is more appropriate to be in solidarity than controversy. Only by being loyal will we have the pride of feeling Italian.

Community aid on the economic crisis caused by the pandemic is not legitimate according to German law

Sovereignists no longer need to shoulder the EU. Germany will take it down or ask for something big in return. The subtle operations are always preceded by a halo of bad taste, which, in fact, has been felt in the air for some time. What more inappropriate moment than the Coronavirus emergency to increase Europe's serious problems. To give a semblance of constitutionality to a political problem, the high court intervened to impose the malevolence to block the Bundesbank's contribution to the ECB. Finally the Germans show natural instinct. Il

Quarantine offenders were persecuted as dangerous criminals, and criminals as mere offenders

If it didn't kill so many people, this cursed Coronavirus would be providential for solving social problems that seemed unsolvable. It took the pandemic to finally see the police on the streets, who seemed to have disappeared. The drug dealers were masters of the nightlife districts. Cocaine was sold like monopoly cigarettes. Until yesterday, patrols and flying vehicles were swarming by day and night by thousands, everywhere. Where were agents, carabinieri, financiers and city police hiding? Do we have to hope that the contagion continues to have more security in the cities?

If he cared so much about being director of prisons, why didn't he immediately accept the minister's proposal?

I don't have much respect for Bonafede, but a great sympathy for common origins. He from Mazara, I from Marsala. To his credit I consider the prudent choice of the professor of law who has become successful premier. I have no difficulty, however, in believing him when he falls from the clouds on an infamous accusation brought against him, without proof, in a partisan talkshow, not in an institutional venue. If colluded with the mafia, why didn't the magistrate take a judicial initiative two years ago? The minister explained to the House. Today, however, he should leave office to search for the many criminals on the loose.

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