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Restless heart The Child in the manger

The Child in the manger

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What do I have at the end of the Christmas season? Something, although I would have liked to meditate and understand better. This year I have one word left in my mind: the manger. The child was placed where the animals eat. Can there be a more modest birth? What message is there?

The Child in the manger
The Child in the manger

This time I seem to have understood that if God made man is born so low, I too must learn to consider myself a zero. "Without me you can't do anything”Says Jesus. Without God I only produce leaves, wrapping paper. I must understand that whoever works in me is only the grace of God, I must do nothing but support it.

It is a very comforting thought. Recall that exhortation of Jesus "do not worry".
"Look at the birds of the sky: they do not sow and reap, nor harvest in barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them". (Matthew 6).
On the other hand, the parable of the foolish virgins is an invitation to be vigilant and that of the talents is an exhortation to get busy.

Here then is the explosive mixture: being on a mission on behalf of God but letting him do it. Having the whole world as your horizon but knowing that you are nothing. It is no coincidence that the classic madman thinks he is Napoleon. I have to convince myself that I am not Napoleon, but not even a fraction of Napoleon. I have to understand that I am one who deserves to lie where animals eat. Then I will do great things because who will act in me is the power of God.

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