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The signatures of Moondo

Giampaolo sodano
Giampaolo Sodano, a craftsman, oil master, journalist and company manager, was born in Rome. Before winning a competition in 1966 and joining Rai as a program officer, he carried out an intense advertising activity as a literary and film critic. In 1971 he is a professional journalist. In 1979 he became a company manager of RAI. In 1983 he was elected Member of Parliament. In 1987 he returned to professional activity in RAI and was appointed vice-president and managing director of Sipra and subsequently director of Raidue. In 1994 he was general manager of Sacis and the following year director of APC, RAI purchasing, production and co-production management. In 1997 he resigned from RAI and became director of Canale5. A brief experience after which he gives life to a consulting company "Comconsulting" with which in 1999 he collaborates with the B&S Electra fund for the acquisition of the company Eagle Pictures spa of which he becomes president. In 2001 he was elected vice president of ANICA and President of Unidim (Union of Distributors). From 2008 to 2014 he was vice president of "Sitcom Television spa". He was President of IAA. Italian section (International Advertising Association), President of Cartoons on the bay (International Cartoon Festival) and President of the Sorrento International Cinema Meetings. He has written and published “The things possible” (Sugarco 1982), “Le coccarde verdemare” (Marsilio 1987), “Birth of Venus” (Liguori publisher 1995). He changed his life and profession, became an oil craftsman and in 1999 bought an old oil mill in Vetralla. As an oil master, he engages in associative activity taking on the role first of vice president and then director of the Italian Frantoiani Oleari Association (AIFO). With his wife Fabrizia he published “Pane e olio. guide to artisan oil mills ”and“ Escape from the city ”.
Giorgio Dell'Arti
He was born in Catania on September 4, 1945. Journalist from 69 to Paese Sera. He moved to Repubblica in '79: correspondent, head of service, editor-in-chief, founder and director for four years on Friday, editor of the monthly Wimbledon. He directs the Monday edition of Il Foglio, he is a columnist for La Stampa and La Gazzetta della sport and writes for Vanity fair and Il Sole 24 ore. Dell'Arti is a historian of recognized authority, specialized in biographies; published (among others) The Man of Trust (1999), The day before 2008 (7247) and the encyclopedic work Catalog of the living - 2008 remarkable Italians (5062, re-edition of the Catalog of living - 2006 remarkable Italians, 2011 ). Among the latest books are: Cavour - Life of the man who made Italy (2013); Francis. Do not be afraid of tenderness (2014); The newcomers (2015); Moravia. I'm alive, I'm dead (2016); Pagan Bible (XNUMX).
Maurizio Primanni
Experienced President Demonstrated with a history of working in the financial services industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Wealth Management, Private Banking, Fintech, Corporate Finance and Private Equity.
Aldo Di Russo
Graduated in Physics, he entered the technology sector for the production of large audiovisuals in the industrial sector: Eni, Enel, Rai the most important experiences. He has produced over a hundred industrial documentaries and multivision shows worldwide. In the last 15 years he has dedicated himself to the enhancement of cultural heritage, to narrative museums and to the creation of interactive books for the cultural sector. He has won many awards. He is a member of the WAVE LAB of the Aegean University, a member of Europeana and a member of Artifactory.
Mario Pacelli
Mario Pacelli is a professor of public law at the University of Rome La Sapienza, for many years an official of the Chamber of Deputies. He has written numerous studies in parliamentary history, including The roots of Montecitorio (1984), Bella gente (1992), Interno Montecitorio (2000), Il colle più alto (2017). He collaborates with the "Corriere della Sera" and "Il Messaggero".
Alberto Pasquini
Alberto Pasquini was born in Milan on April 20, 1948, he studied at the Liceo Linguistico Internazionale in Milan, with periods of study in Cambridge and Heidelberg. From 1973 to 1976 he worked in the advertising, promotions and PR office of Emi Italiana in Milan. From 1976 to 1980 he was the international office manager of Emi Italiana with stays in Los Angeles and London. In 1981 he founded Creativity, which in a few years became one of the most innovative realities in the In Store Communication sector. In 1993 from the USA he was offered the task of opening the Italian branch of Popai Europe, and he soon brought the association from 6 to 130 members. In 1996 he was appointed head of Popai Europe, based in Paris, from where he coordinates all the European offices. In 2011 he founded Crea International, promoting an innovative methodology called Physical Brand Design, revolutionizing the world of architecture and design. Retail Design Italy was born with him in April 2017, bringing together in a new team experienced retail visionary fantasists called "Empathy Concept Designers" highly qualified for their long experience in retail service design who share retail service models and advanced visions of innovative concepts capable of unite the physical and the digital. Their methodology combines the strategic and consulting part of the physical and digital world, subsequently Retail Design Italy is rebranded in "Excellence Design" in which, with Pasquini President, retail-office and smart working and product design operations converge. Today he is Concept Design Advisor & Strategy Director of AISM (Italian Association for Marketing Development).
Antonio Ferraro
Journalist, television and film manager, producer, author, he has been several times in the Film Financing Commission - Prime and Second Works and Short Films. He was a member of the National Entertainment Council and, as part of the Venice Biennale, responsible - and for three years President of the jury - of the Cooperative Film Award. He was Head of the Programming and Purchasing Department of Rai Due films. In February 1995 he was General Manager of Sacis, a RAI subsidiary. Subsequently, he is responsible for purchasing films for RAI. In 1997 he took on the role of Programming Coordinator and Cinema Editors of RTI MEDIASET. In 1999 he was Sole Director of AGER 3, producing, among other things, the miniseries “Resurrezione” by the Taviani brothers and various films. In 2000, STREAM called him as coordinator for the purchase and programming of cinema and fiction. At the same time he teaches in various masters at the La Sapienza University of Rome and the Lazio Region. In 2014 his book was released: .. But cinema solves.
Marco Nese
Marco Nese is a journalist for the Corriere della Sera. He has collaborated with Raiuno and is the author of books including: In the sign of the mafia (Rizzoli), Password: Roma uno (Rizzoli), La Russa (Rizzoli), La Piovra (1 -2-3-4, Eri / Mondadori, translated into 12 languages), How to survive a child (Ediget). Far West (Rai Eri) and The elect of God (Editori Riuniti).
Sun Serafini
Domenico (Dom) Serafini, from Giulianova resides in New York City and is the founder, editor and director of the monthly "VideoAge" and the trade fair newspaper VideoAge Daily ", aimed at the main international television and cinema markets. After graduating as an industrial expert, at 18 he went to continue his studies in the US and, to finance himself, from 1968 to 78 he worked as a freelance for a dozen magazines in Italy and the USA; obtained the FCC license as a radio operator, he worked as a DJ for three radio stations and produces television programs in Long Island, NY. In 1979 he was appointed director of the magazine “Television / Radio Age International” in New York City and in 81 he founded the monthly “VideoAge.” In the following years he created other magazines in Spain, France and Italy. Since '94 and for 10 years he has written about television in "Il Sole 24 Ore", then in "Il Corriere Adriatico" and trade magazines such as "Pubblicità Italia", "Cinema & Video" and "Millecanali". Currently he collaborates with " The Messagg ero ”from Rome, with“ L'Italo-Americano ”from Los Angeles”, “Il Cittadino Canadese” from Montreal and is a columnist for the newspaper “AmericaOggi” from New York. He has published numerous volumes mainly on media and communications issues, including "Internet Television" in 1999. From 2002 to 2005, he was a consultant to the Italian Minister of Communications in the international audiovisual and television sector.
Sergio Bellucci, journalist and writer, political executive and manager, has written numerous editorials, articles and essays on the issues of communication and the information society. Member of the Honorary Committee of the International Observatory on Audiovisual and Multimedia (OIAM) of the Roberto Rossellini Foundation for Audiovisual. He was an employee of the Fininvest group from 1978 and until 1993, during that period he also carried out trade union activities in the CGIL as a member of the National Secretariat of FILIS. From 1995 to 2006 he was national head of communication for the Communist Refoundation Party. Since February 2013 he has been editor of the daily Terra and in 2014 he became President of the Free Hardware Foundation In the book E-work. Work, Network and Innovation analyzes the impact of new digital technologies on human life with particular attention to the world of work. According to his analyzes, the advent of the digital would involve a "new scientific organization of work", defined as "digital Taylorism", through a distorted use of the network. In the thesis of E-work the birth of "implicit work" is envisaged, the work carried out compulsorily, without any remuneration and through instrumentation at the expense of the worker, that digital platforms are expanding in their production cycle. Together with Marcello Cini he wrote “The specter of capital. For a critique of the knowledge economy ”analysis of the epochal change in capitalism that took place in the last twenty years: the transition from a material economy to an immaterial economy, which produces an intangible and non-commodifiable good: knowledge.
Giuseppe Farchione
Over 30 years of experience in international contexts in the sectors: general management, investment banking, corporate finance, venture capital and private equity. Enthusiastic and motivated, I am always ready to face new challenges, evaluate opportunities and collaborate with qualified managers and professionals. Last roles held: - Business Ambassador - Italy - Cross Match (US company leader in the biometrics sector) - Chief Executive Officer and, subsequently, Director of the Fas Group, Logistics and Transport - Director of Sisal SpA and Sisal Group SpA - Senior Advisor to the Board of Sardex Srl (first Italian company in complementary currency circuits) - Founder and President of Umuve / Abile Srl, Innovative SME in the e-commerce and furniture logistics sector - Mayor of Marazzi Group SpA, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange - Independent Director of EEMS SpA, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange - Director of SmartHub Srl (Italian Equity Crowdfunding platform authorized by Consob). - Chairman of Attiva - Industria del Recupero SpA, an in-house company of the Municipality of Pescara - Continuous consultant of Private Equity Funds. - Abruzzo Regional Delegate, AssoretiPMI - NedCommunity member, association of independent directors.
Massimo Pelosi
Coop manager for over twenty years, he has held various management positions within cooperatives and representation in structures of the movement. He currently deals with institutional and territorial relations for cooperatives between consumers operating in the Lazio Region. Member of the national management of the league of cooperatives and of the regional presidency of legacoop. Responsible for coordinating the Northern Lazio territory of Legacoop Lazio (Viterbo, Rieti, Civitavecchia) In the past naturalist and professional environmentalist: park ranger, nature reserve director, researcher Lives in his country of origin that he loves and where I perform the "functions" of father of a 16-year-old boy Politics and civic commitment have been traveling companions in several seasons of his life.
Alberto Grimelli
Alberto Grimelli, agronomist and journalist, as well as founder and historical soul of Teatro Naturale, a magazine of agriculture, food and the environment, with a strong olive imprint. Specialized in olive growing and elaiotecnica with a University Master in Pisa, he lives and works daily in contact with the countryside and its problems. International consultant in the olive-oil sector, he is an ordinary Academic of the National Academy of Olive and Oil and also collaborates with universities and research centers.
Paolo Spirito
Born in Trentino (Cles, 19/08/1955), he lives and resides in Rome. Graduated in Modern Literature with honors in the academic year 1979-80, at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". Journalist, RAI Programmer-Director and Television Author, former Head of the Prose Theater Office of the National Presidency of the AGIS-Italian General Entertainment Association. He has collaborated in the creation of many successful programs: "Open School", "Italians and Italians, today in the world", "Hello ... Who plays?", "The Pleasure of Knowing", "The Needle of the Balance", "Everything sul Due "," I Fatti Vostri "," Detto tra noi "," Cronaca in Diretta "," Made in Italy "," Uno Mattina Estate "," Check Up "," A night in Sirminione "," Uno Morning Saturday & Domenica ”and lastly“ Linea Verde ”for Raiuno which he currently collaborates with. Author of television documentaries, he conceived and directed: "Pieve di Cadore Film Festival", "BrixenART Film Festival", "Flower Film Festival of Assisi", "Valsolda Schermi d'Arte 2012", "Ponza Schermi d'Arte", " Capri Schermi d'Arte "," Furore, Schermi d'Arte 2015-Massimo Ranieri, the Adventure of the Cinema "," Minori, Schermi d'Arte 2018 "," Genzano, Schermi d'Arte 2018: Tribute to Toni Servillo " . In 2007 he wrote the subject and screenplay of the film “Sogni Reali” with Giorgio Albertazzi and Paola Saluzzi. On 10 October 2015 he was awarded the Furore Journalism Award in the Municipality of Furore (SA) for his long career at Linea Verde Raiuno.
Luigi Mazzella
- Vice President emeritus of the Constitutional Court - Former Minister for Public Administration - State Advocate General Emeritus - Writer and journalist ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT: 1 - Management of national and regional public institutions carried out independently: a) Extraordinary Commissioner for the Autonomous Management of Concerts of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia from 1974 to 1978 (appointed by the Minister of Entertainment Hon. Adolfo SARTI). b) Government Commissioner of the National Academy of Dramatic Art "Silvio d'Amico" from 1979 to 1986 (appointed by the Minister of Education Sen. Giovanni SPADOLINI). c) Extraordinary Commissioner of IDISU (later ADISU) University of Tor Vergata in Rome, from 1993 to 1997, appointed by the Lazio Region. d) Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - Autonomous Section of Credito Cinematografico (SACC) from 1984 to 1990. e) Vice President of the Governing Council of the Roman Philharmonic Academy, a centuries-old musical institution of national importance. f) Member of the Board of Directors of the Autonomous Body "La Biennale di Venezia" for two consecutive terms. 2 - Executive positions in Ministerial Cabinets: a) Vice Presidency of the Council of Ministers from 1970 to 1973 (Deputy Head of Cabinet). b) Ministry of Public Works from 1973 to 1975 (Head of the Legislative Office). c) Ministry of Defense from 1979 to 1983 (Legal Advisor to the Minister). d) Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment from 1983 to 1985 (Chief of Cabinet). e) Ministry of the Environment from 1986 to 1987 (Head of Cabinet) f) Ministry of Urban Areas from 1987 to 1993 (Head of Cabinet). 3 - Activities carried out in international organizations and other internal bodies: a) Member of the Committee for Public Procurement of the then EEC in Brussels from 1973 to 1975. b) Member of the Legal Committee of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO-OACI) in Montreal from 1983 to 1985. c) Member of the OECD Urban Affairs Committee in Paris from 1987 to 1993. d) Member of the delegation of the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno from 1973 to 1975. e) Member of the Superior Council of the Armed Forces from 1981 to 2002. f) Member of the Board of Directors of State Monopolies. g) Judge of the Central Tax Commission from 1992 to 2002. 4 - Additional activities: a) President or Member of study commissions set up by the Public Administration (Giannini Commission for the reorganization of the armed forces, Commission for the relocation of Ministries to Rome Capital and others). b) President or Member of exam commissions (State Attorney, INPS and others). c) Author of essays and articles in legal journals (Review of the State Attorney and many others) and in magazines of political and cultural studies ("Economic Mirror", "Politics and Mezzogiorno" "Minerva" and others). d) He is registered in the register of publicist journalists (Interregional Order of Lazio and Molise) since 1992. 5 - Honors: a) Knight of the Grand Cross - Order of Merit of the Italian Republic - date of award 28 January 2002 b) Knight of the Grand Cross of Merit of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta c) Academician of the Roman Philharmonic Academy. d) Illustrious Salernitano - Chamber of Commerce of Salerno e) Honorary Citizen of Eboli - Municipal Administration f) Awarded the Capalbio Award “for style in the Government” 6 - Author of books: A) SOCIO-POLITICAL ESSAYS 1. "Fifty proposals for good governance" - Marsilio Editore - 1992; 2. “The irresistible west wind” - Special mention at the “Salvatore Valitutti” International Prize for non-fiction; Minerva Editrice - 2001; 3. "Recondite harmonies of different reforms" - President of the Salerno Province Award at the international non-fiction prize "Salvatore Valitutti" - Maggioli Editore - 2004; 4. “The possible utopias. Bel Paese and Good Government ”- Lifetime Achievement Award at the“ Salvatore Valitutti ”International Essay Award 2005 - Maggioli Editore - 2005; 5. “Reasonable probabilities” - 2006; 6. "The passion of reason" - Avagliano Editore - 2008; 7. “From commitment to detachment” - Avagliano Editore - 2007; 8. "Casta Italia" - Avagliano Editore - 2009; 9. "No sleep" - Avagliano Editore - 2010; 10. “The extinguished lights of the Enlightenment” - Avagliano Editore - 2010; 11. “Force and fraud” –Avagliano Editore 2012 12. "Indulgent despotism" - Avagliano Editore - 2013 13. "EUROCRASH - Fifty hypotheses of uncertain future" - Curcio Editore 2014 14. "Weak constitution" - Publisher Mondadori 2014 15. “My Europe, although speaking is in vain” Avagliano Editore, 2017 16. "The black decade of the Italians - From Porcellum to Rosatellum - Avagliano 2018 17. "In praise of free thought - Genesi Editrice 2019 B) CINEMATOGRAPHIC ESSAYS 18. “Il bello nel cinema” - Essays on cinematographic aesthetics - Seam Editrice - 2000; 19. “The Lion and the Oscars” - Essays on cinematographic aesthetics - Eagle Pictures publishing - 2001; 20, “Fermo immagine” - Essays on cinematographic aesthetics - Award at the Salerno Film Festival - Minerva editrice - 2001; 21. "Cinema between mockery and reflection" - film criticisms -Avagliano Editore, 2011. 22. "Voce fuori campo" - film criticism - Avagliano Editore 2014. 23. "The Bear and the Palm" - Cultural Institute of the South. 217 24. "50 films to be reviewed" - Cultural Institute of the South - 2018 25. "Federico Fellini - realist and visionary - Midday Cultural Institute 2019 C) NARRATIVE AND POETRY 26. “A rogue game of windows and balconies” - Novel - Grinzane Cavour Cesare Pavese Special Prize - Avagliano Editore - 2006; 27. “The Nail in the Sand” - Novel - Special Mention at the Rome Prize - Avagliano Editore - 2008; 28. "The bay of doubt" - Novel - Prize for fiction of the Salvatore Valitutti Center of Psychology in Salerno - Avagliano Editore - 2009; 29. “The truth around the corner - Novel - 2011 Capri Special Award - Avagliano Editore - 2011 30. "The madmen and the grimaces" - Verses and Aphorisms - 3rd Edition - Genesi Editrice 2011 31. “La Grimpeuse - Confessions of a rampant” - Genesis editrice - 2013 32. “Gray without shades” - Novel - Avagliano Editore 2014 33. "On the run from intimacy" - Romance - Avagliano Editore 2015. 34. "Satirical Canzoniere" - Verses and Aphorisms - Genesi Editrice 2015. 35. "Vissi d'Arte" - Novel - Avagliano Editore 2018 36. “Fake-off” - Novel - Avagliano Editore 2919 37. “All promoted at the end of the year” 38.
Tiziana Buccico
Tiziana Buccico, true Neapolitan, born in 1969, always passionate about politics, culture and the Middle East. A past of press offices including the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies. Then journalist of pages of culture and society, such as "moscone" for the newspapers "La Città" and "Corriere del Mezzogiorno". He worked for political and institutional press offices (Lazio Region and Lazio Regional Council), organizing events and campaigns elections. Pieces of life lived between Gottingen, Vienna and Paris, adventurous and curious journeys. For eight years, until 2017, she was in Iran to follow her husband and family but taking care of the Italian "Pietro della Valle" school in Tehran full time , as Vice President. Since then the passion for travel and different cultures has grown and has also turned into a Treccani section entitled "Silk Road." Returning to Italy she deals with social, politics, journalism and cultural events while maintaining thus a direct line to that part of the world that changed her life Social media manager of the Garuzzo Institute for Visual Arts.
Eugenio Santoro
President of the San Camillo-Forlanini Foundation - Rome
Stefano Rolando
Stefano Rolando was born in Milan in 1948, where he graduated in Political Science and specialized at the Bocconi School of Business Management. Between life and work it has always been divided between Milan and Rome. He is a university professor, since 2001 at the IULM University of Milan after having been a manager at Rai and Olivetti; general director of the Istituto Luce, to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and of the Lombardy Regional Council. He teaches Public and Political Communication and Public Branding. He has written many books on both media and communication as well as history, politics and identity issues. From a very young age he was secretary of the young republicans in Milan, then he participated in the new socialist course between the seventies and eighties. Then long not belonging. More recently he worked on progressive civicism (Milan and Lombardy) and on a post-shareholder political project in relation to which he is part of the national management of Più Europa.
Luciano Fravolini
Accountant, he wrote several different @ on the Ledger of the companies, with the Pelikan (the green / black one). In the bank since 1974, for 27 years: cash - exchange - exchange - securities - credit lines - credit recovery. In 1997 he was selected as a Board of Directors, Head of the AA GG Secretariat, then Director of the Agency. He interprets the bank from all angles: funding, lending, debt collection, balance sheet analysis and financial advisory services, it was a beautiful world. Then the resignation, without a pension, in 2000… even then you only had to sell. Enrolled in the Register of Consultants at the first exam, he deepens financial psychology (behavioral finance) then meets biblical exegesis, the economic philosophy of Ludwig von Mises and the acquisitive mimesis of Renè Girard. He elaborates and develops a deep conviction: combining finance, common sense and fairness is not only useful, but produces excellent results on clients' portfolios. Doing things right becomes a watchword, the patent and the website Anthropology of Performance ® www.progettophenice.it are born: economics is a humanistic subject. Studies and conferences. He has been writing for INVESTORS 'magazine since 2016. Financial educator enrolled in the AIEF.
Lorena Fiorini
Lorena Fiorini, born in Arezzo, lives in Rome, worked for RAI. Graduated in psychology, she collaborates with periodicals, she is President of the Literary Prize "Women between memories and the future" and of the Cultural Association "Write your story". Student of Stanislao Nievo, he teaches creative writing. He is the chief editor of the newsletter of the W Ale Foundation. She has been a member of FIDAPA BPW Italy since 1996, she was President of the Rome section in the two-year period 2013/2015, currently holds the position of director. He has published numerous books including: "Country life, environment and gastronomy", "Betty I am Bruno", "The great book of bread", "Apples and apple pies", "The incredible virtues of citrus fruits", "Chili pepper ".
Marcello Inghilesi
He worked on the foundation of the Censis in Rome; to the United Nations (Unesco and Bit) in Africa; in industrial plant engineering, at Techint in Milan; he was director and then vice-president of Enel; he chaired the Institute of Foreign Commerce. He was also the director and president of some industrial, shipping and port companies. Among other things, he chaired Somea, a research company in the field of mathematical modeling applied to the economy, he founded the Observatory for energy policy, Opef, of the Einaudi Foundation in Rome, of which he was vice-president. Founder of ISP and President since 1994. As a journalist he has written for various national newspapers such as Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Giornale, Libero, Il Riformista, Il Foglio, L'Avanti, and the weekly Panorama. He has written for the web newspapers l'Occidentale and Formiche. Born in Arezzo. He studied at the Liceo Galileo in Florence. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Florence and an honorary degree from the University of Salta (Argentina) and the University of Hangzhou (Chinese RP); he was Professor Emeritus at the UIBE in Beijing (Chinese RP) and is an Honorary Member of the Leonardo Committee, of which he was founder.
Marina Perzy
I was born in Milan but Rome is my second adopted city. My great love remains acting… but it is the talent for conducting that I have most experienced and made me known, both on TV and radio. Grew up with the school of great conductors, actors, authors, directors. I love to write, I have two active books and collaborations as a journalist with the main TV media and radio networks. I brought innovative formats and entertainment to a multi-channel, transversal audience. Professionally I start in '79 with a Rai audition in the Fiera 1 studios in Milan with Pippo Baudo who was looking for comedians for his Saturday night Secondo Voi. So many talents who took flight from that audition! Beppe Grillo, Tullio Solenghi, Fioretta Mari and others. I am chosen to lead Domenica In together with the legendary Corrado. For many years, Rai has been my working 'home'. The debut is with Enzo Tortora in Portobello but it is with Corrado that I will make the most important Rai programs of that period: Domenica In, Fantastico 3 with Raffaella Carrà, Gigi Sabani and Renato Zero; Gran Canal is the evening show that sees me in the role of actress in a theater company with Tullio Solenghi and Anna Mazzamauro live on TV. I conducted the first Channel 5 FestivalBar with Claudio Cecchetto, in other editions I will also participate as a singer. Over the years, I alternate running at the Theater and many Rai programs including the famous Domenica Sportiva, but also Uno Mattina, Italia & Estero, Detto tra noi, up to the most recent Reserved Negotiations broadcast for several seasons on the Sky platform for Leonardo. My prerogative is to experiment with new formats, to get involved, because I love to feel alive. I believe and I am aware of my limits but I know that I have always done good television and radio, fiction, shows, entertainment. I will continue with the eclecticism that distinguishes me to always look for forms of art and communication that give vent to my creativity, curiosity, which have always accompanied me together with the great passion for work that I have had all my life.
Marta Ajò
Marta Ajò, writer, journalist, has dealt with national and international politics, society and culture. Owner, founder and director of the Portal www.donneierioggiedomani.it (2005/2019). Director in charge of the editorial series Women Yesterday Today and Tomorrow-KKIEN Publisghing International. He has won several awards. He wrote: "Journey in the third class", Nilde Iotti, in "The Italian women", "A tea at the cemetery", "The move", "The woman in Italian socialism between chronicle and history 1892-1978".
Fabrizio Mangoni
Fabrizio Mangoni is an architect and teacher of Urban Planning at the Federico II University of Naples. Gastronomist, expert in sweets (his theory that compares human characters to sweets), has been involved in cooking and food and wine for years. Author and presenter of television programs including: "What are you made of?" with Raffaella Carrà for Rai Due; “Scrupoli”, with Enza Sampò, also on Rai Due.
Giuseppe Scanni
Journalist and essayist.
Diego Padovan
Management engineer and Data Protection Officer, for years he has held the role of privacy & regulatory advisor in Rome and Brussels, as well as Data Protection Officer (DPO) for leading Italian and international companies, with teaching assignment at the II level master in Privacy Policy and Data Protection Officer of the Department of Law of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". Trained at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, he has achieved important academic goals, including the London Business School's Executive Program and the European University Institute's Annual Training Course on Communications & Media Regulation. It is certified in the field of personal data protection at the TÜV Italia, with the CDP certification and at an international level with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), with the CIPP / E certification. He directs the consulting company DPO Compliance Consulting, with which he has also obtained important awards at European level, with participation in H2020 projects, and is a partner of the University of Messina. He currently collaborates in the drafting of technical guides and manuals with the Italian association Federprivacy and the online magazine CyberSecurity360.
Veronica Ruggiero
Journalist, collaborator at the Corriere Group.
Salvatore Pica
After his childhood spent in Pignasecca, Pica began his career in the world of design, avant-garde theater, modern art, among the parties at the Andy Warhol factory that photographed it together with other famous people of the city for his Napoliroid. He said of himself: "I wanted to become someone, in the end I became someone else."
Mario Mazzetti of Pietralata
Mario Mazzetti di Pietralata is a Roman gastro-enterologist, graduated in Rome in 1956, a pioneer of digestive endoscopy, a free lecturer at the University of Rome Sapienza, primary physician for over 20 years at the Sant'Eugenio hospital. After leaving the active hospital service, he dedicated himself to the studies and treatment of eating disorders and the characteristics of nutrition in our country, writing in sector magazines, editing television broadcasts and publishing numerous books on the dissemination of notions and information regarding Mediterranean nutrition. and its effects on health.
Roberto Tumbarello
Roberto Tumbarello, professional journalist, graduated in Law, has three children and six grandchildren. Medal "pro merit" of the Council of Europe, of which he has been spokesman in Italy for many years, is expert in Communication and Human Rights. He was editor and special envoy of several large circulation newspapers and periodicals. He ended his career as editor of the "Giornale di Napoli". Among his latest successful publications: "Was Jesus Right or Left?" (Sapere 2000, 2009), "Save yourself who can" (Edizioni Radici, 2012), "Either the bag or the life" (Armando, 2014), "Journey through life" (Armando 2017), currently in the bookstore.
Giuseppe Corigliano
Engineer, Neapolitan, he worked on youth training and communication. He published for Mondadori in 2008 "A supernatural work" for which he received the Capri San Michele award. In November 2010, again for Mondadori, "Preferisco il Paradiso. Eternal life as it is and how to get there" appeared, which had six editions and was republished in the Mondadori Oscars. In June 2012, an interview with Ettore Bernabei was published for the Cantagalli publisher. In January 2013 he received the journalistic prize "The good news" while in February 2013 "When God is happy / The secret of happiness" was released for Mondadori. In October 2015 he published with Mondadori "We are on a mission on behalf of God / The sanctification of work" and in November 2017 "Postcards from Paradise 2". In 2019 with Mondadori he published "The journey of St. Josemaría". Collaborator of Rai Vaticano , directs the Perseus Foundation, collaborates with the magazine Tempi. He has made documentaries on S. Josemaría Escrivá, S. Alfonso de 'Liguori, on Joseph Ratzinger's Introduction to Christianity and on the Magisterium of the Church. part of the direction of Opus Dei for Italy and was director of communication of the Opera in Italy for forty years (from 70 to 80).
Alberto Benzoni
He worked at IRI from 1958 to 1996, for over thirty years at the Studies Office and then at the International one. Member of the PSI from 1957 to 2013. Deputy head of the foreign sector from 1987 to 1992. Municipal councilor of Rome from 1971 to 1985, deputy mayor from 1976 to 1981 in the left-wing junta of Argan and then of Petroselli. «Avanti!» Contributor and "Mondo Operaio", "Ragioni del Socialismo" and numerous other area periodicals. Author of a history of the Socialist Party and, together with others, of The international dimension of Italian socialism (Rome 1993). He also wrote Il craxismo (Roma 1991) and, together with Luca Cefisi, Il pacifismo (Roma 1995). Lastly, together with his daughter Elisa, he authored an attack and retaliation. The PCI and via Rasella (Venice 1999), Le vie dell'Italia (Milan 2009) and, finally, La storia con i se (Venice 2013).
Gianfranco Salomone
Journalist - Former Director General of the Ministry of Labor
Mariagrazia Censi
I am Mariagrazia, I am 46 years old I was born in the most beautiful month of the year (And here I will let you decide, because everyone will have their own) I have two daughters, Allegra and Emma, ​​two dachshunds, Romeo and Ugo and an ex-husband. I think I'm a person like many others, I would like a house by the sea, one in the mountains, travel at least once a month, eat without getting fat and be happy, shamelessly happy. But, like most of you, I have only one home, I take a few trips from time to time, when I eat fattening and I'm just happy, for the "shamelessly" I'm working on it. Ps from today I will write about this magnificent newspaper in the column that has been entrusted to me, now, in my opinion, either they are tired and want to close this newspaper already or, perhaps, what I will write will tear you a smile or a reflection, for me it is already a success. Oh I forgot the name of the column is "What then, between us ..."
Antonella Botti
I was born in Salerno on March 3, 1959 but have always lived in Sessa Cilento, a small town of about 1300 souls in the Cilento National Park. I studied at the "Parmenide" classical high school in Vallo della Lucania and I graduated in modern literature. I entered the school as a competition winner in 1987, currently I teach Italian and Latin Literature at the Scientific High School of Vallo della Lucania. I published two texts of local history: "The stoning of Santi Stefano" and "Journey of time in the dream of memory". For some months now I have been managing a blog, a sort of inner need that leads me to react to the pessimism of reason with the optimism of the will. Times are difficult: "immobile escapes" are not possible.
Daniele Fichera
Daniele Fichera. Independent socio-economic researcher. Born in Rome in 1961 and graduated in Statistical and Economic Sciences at Sapienza where he was a pupil of Paolo Sylos Labini, he worked at Eni's study center, was long director of research at Censis by Giuseppe De Rita and business manager and business development manager at large Italian and international production and logistics companies. He was also councilor for the Municipality of Rome from 1989 to 1993 and Lazio regional councilor from 2005 to 2010 (councilor from 2008 to 2010) and from 2015 to 2018. Currently consultant for data analysis and urban innovation for various companies and research centers.
Gianluca Veronesi
Born in Alexandria in 1950, he graduated in Political Science, was municipal councilor in Alessandria for three legislatures, councilor for culture and theater, then mayor of the city. Rai executive from 1988 to 2018, years in which he held various positions: Assistant to the President of RAI, Director of Public Relations, President of Serra Creativa, CEO of Rai Sat. He was councilor of the Institute of Advertising Self-discipline and of the Alessandrino Regional Theater.
Laura Girolami
Laura Girolami, 37, after graduating in Librarianship made her film debut as a screenwriter and director in 2014 with Surrounded. In 2016 his first comedy No There Is More Religion was staged at the Teatro Tordinona in Rome. The second comedy Lunch at my parents' house debuted in 2018 at the Teatro Lo Spazio. In the same year he published his first novel Stupid fish published by The white seed. Passionate about cinema, literature, TV series, theater, music, photography, food, wine and quantum mechanics.
Glauco Benigni
Glauco Benigni, Sociology graduate, journalist-writer. 20 years as a correspondent and media editor at the newspaper La Repubblica, then 15 years in Rai, where he was responsible for relations with the Foreign Press and for the Promotion of Rai International. Author-conductor of TV programs and consultant for large companies (Eutelsat, Rai Trade, Sipra, Fininvest). He teaches Global Communication. He has traveled around the world several times. Google provides 18.000 documents that concern him directly. It manages 2 Youtube channels, a Blog and 2 Facebook pages. Among his books: Re Media, Apocalypse Murdoch, Youtube-The story, The Pope's Guardian Angels (translated into several languages) and the Web Nostrum quadrilogy.
Stefania Conti
Journalist. Born in Rome and graduated in sociology, she worked at (in chronological order): Adnkronos, Il Messaggero, Tg2.
Giorgio Garuzzo
Giorgio Garuzzo was born in Paesana (Cuneo) on November 30, 1938. Graduated in 1961 in the first degree course in Italy for electronic engineers, he began his long career in industry in February 1962, working for twelve years in the research center on large electronic computers founded by Adriano Olivetti, participating in the design of the Italian computers of the Elea and GE series which in the 1960s strongly contributed to the first computerization of the Italian industry. In the book "when computers were made in Italy", published as an e-book in 2015, he tells of his youthful experience in that advanced industrial adventure. Between 1973 and 1976, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Gilardini, a group listed on the stock exchange, rapidly expanding in the sectors of automotive and industrial components. In May 1976, Eng. Carlo De Benedetti, president of Gilardini, was appointed CEO of Fiat, and Eng. Garuzzo followed him to Fiat as his personal adviser. Between 1976 and 1978, Eng. Garuzzo was responsible for the Fiat Group's New Initiatives office, promoting, among other things, the creation of Comau, a complex in the field of machine tools and production systems, born from the integration of seven pre-existing companies. Between 1979 and 1984 he was Director of the Fiat Components Sector which included over 50 companies in the automotive and industrial components sector, companies which he brought together in nine groups, many of which he was also president or CEO: Aspera ( compressors for refrigeration and small engines), Borletti (on-board instruments, air conditioning), Comind (plastic and rubber components), Gilardini, IVI (paints), Fiat Lubrificanti, Magneti Marelli (electrical and electronic components), Weber (carburetors and injection systems), Sepa (electronic systems); the Sector reached an aggregate turnover of Lire 1982 billion in 2.250, with a good overall profit. From 1984 to 1990 ing. Garuzzo was CEO - Chief Executive Officer of Iveco, the multinational company of the Fiat group producing industrial vehicles. After the heavy losses encountered so far, Iveco reached a breakeven point in 1985; it was subsequently developed also through acquisitions (Ford Truck and Seddon Atkinson in the United Kingdom, Pegaso in Spain, Astra in Italy, Ashok Leyland in India), until reaching a turnover in excess of 1989 billion lire in 8.000, with a leadership position on the European market and a considerable profit. From this position Iveco led a program of total renewal of the product range and 22 factories in 6 countries in Europe, with an investment of over 5.000 billion lire, largely self-financed. In addition, in 1989 Eng. Garuzzo assumed responsibility for Fiat Agri and promoted the purchase of Ford's tractor and agricultural machinery division, coordinating the creation of an integrated group, which, under the name of New Holland and with a turnover in 1990 of 5,1 , XNUMX billion dollars, became one of the two world leaders in the sector, quickly reaching a considerable profit, which allowed it to be listed on the stock exchange a few years later. Between 1991 and 1996, Eng. Garuzzo held the role of general manager of Fiat, with responsibility for all automotive sectors, which included Fiat Auto (cars), Iveco (trucks and buses), New Holland (tractors, agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery), Magneti Marelli ( components), Teksid (foundries), Comau (production systems), Ceac (electric batteries) and Fiat Research Center. This office entailed the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of Fiat Auto SpA, Iveco NV, New Holland NV In 1992 the responsibility of Eng. Garuzzo was extended to the whole industrial sector, with the addition of Fiat Ferroviaria (trains with variable set-up), Fiat Avio (parts for planes and helicopters, gas turbines and space engines), Snia (bioengineering, fibers and chemicals). In 1991 he participated in the foundation of ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, of which he was president in the years 1994 and 1995. In the book published in 2006 "Fiat - Secrets of an era" (ed. Fazi, English translation ed. Springer), tells the events of his experience in Fiat and industrial achievements in the economic and social context of Italy in that twenty-year period. Since 1996 he has been involved in private equity investments, an experience which led him in 2007 to promote the foundation and listing of Mid Industry Capital SpA (chaired by him until 2015). He is married to Rosalba Avaro and has a son, Carlo. The Garuzzo Institute for Visual Arts (IGAV) is a "non-profit" organization, founded in 2005 and funded largely by the Garuzzo family, which aims to support contemporary art and in particular to help young people. emerging Italian artists to make themselves known both in Italy and, above all, in international contexts.
Raffaele Aragona
Raffaele Aragona (Naples), engineer, taught Construction Technique at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Journalist, creator and promoter of the conferences of caprienigma, he is one of the founders of the Oplepo. For the “Biblioteca Oplepiana” he wrote La viola del bardo. Small illustrated homonymary (1994) and many other works in collective form. Author of Una voce little ago. Repertory of homonymous words of the Italian language (Zanichelli, 1994), he edited for the Italian Scientific Editions, the volumes: Enigmatica. Per una poietica ludica (1996), The vertigo of the labyrinth (2000), The rule is this (2002), Sillabe di Sibilla (2004), The double (2006), Illusion and seduction (2010), The invention and the rule (2012). Also edited by him: Ancient Neapolitan riddles (Tommaso Marotta, 1991, re-edited Marotta & Cafiero, 1994), Capri à contrainte (La Conchiglia, 2000), Naples potential (Dante & Descartes, 2007) and the volume Italo Calvino. Potential paths (Manni, 2008). He published the small volume Pizza in the series “Petit Précis de gastronomie italienne” (Éditions du Pétrin, Paris, 2017). He is the author of two volumes for the online editions (2019): Enigmi e dintorni and Sapori della mente. Potential Gastronomy Dictionary. His Oplepiana. Dictionary of potential literature is published by Zanichelli (2002).
Carlo Arturo Garuzzo
Carlo is the founder and President of the Energy Group flyRen Energy Group, a pocket multinational dedicated to development, investment and asset management in the field of renewable energy. www.flyren.eu flyRen develops, invests and provides consultancy to various Italian and foreign utilities and to institutional funds operating in the photovoltaic sector. flyRen is active in Italy, Moldova, Turkey and the UK. Carlo Garuzzo has a BA (Hins) in International Business Studies from the European Business School in London and a Corporate Finance Modular Program and Financial Seminar for Senior Managers from the London Business School. Since 2019 he has been Honorary Consul for the Republic of Moldova for Turin and Piedmont, and prides himself on being the President of the Turin Club of London, a club that brings together Turin entrepreneurs and professions living in London. Carlo is a member of the Investors Club dedicated to supporting Italian start-ups and is a mentor for young entrepreneurs at Techitalia Lab in London. Married, two children, Carlo divides his life between London and Turin and is fluent in Italian, French and English, with advanced knowledge of Spanish and German. Carlo, together with his parents Rosalba and Giorgio, are patrons who created fifteen years ago the non-profit organization "Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive" (IGAV) www.igav-art.org, active all over the world to support young Italian contemporary artists.
Guido Manuli
Guido Manuli is a designer, animator, but also a screenwriter and director.
Fabrizio Agnocchetti
Degree in economics with an experimental thesis on French unemployment at the La Sapienza University of Rome, a diploma in financial management from the Ecole de Commerce IPAG in Paris, a diploma in international economics from the Université des Sciences Sociales UT1 in Toulouse. He manages investment funds at the State Street Bank Luxembourg and subsequently deals with managed savings at the asset management company of which he becomes a partner. As an independent financial advisor he deals with investment projects in the fashion, football and catering sectors. Since 2014 entrepreneur in the catering sector in Milan and Nice.
Alessandro Sandionigi
Born in Milan in 89, he grew up with a healthy revolutionary attitude typical of that year and the generation of Millennials. He is passionate about role-playing games and superheroes. At 21 he was a door-to-door salesman. At 24 he was a sales network trainer. At 27 he ran a thousand salespeople in an American multinational. Over the past three years he has worked as a strategic consultant for entrepreneurs and professionals, creating innovative start-ups that are also recognized internationally. Today he is Co-Founder of Generation Warriors, a company active in the creation of intergenerational communication and training courses to facilitate inclusion between generations.
Rossella Savarese
Always passionate about visual arts, cinema and theater, she graduated from the "Francesco Grandi" State Art Institute of Sorrento, continuing her studies at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University Institute in Naples, where in 2004 she graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, focusing on the contemporary sector. He discusses a thesis on the importance of Peggy Guggenheim's activity as a bridge between the art of European and non-European countries. He experiences one another in the contemporary art sector, he holds managerial roles in contemporary art galleries of international scope, such as the Miart Gallery based in Via Brera in Milan, also dealing with foreign relations and curating exhibitions. Participate in various dedicated trade fairs, including Miart in Milan and Kunstart in Bolzano. In 2011 he took part in the “Valore Donna” review, at the Pinacoteca di Positano (Sa), with an intervention “How to read a work of art”. In 2012 she is the author of the catalog "Antonio Di Viccaro - Italian landscapes", published by Iemme Edizioni, in co-edition with Mondo Arte, a magazine for which she curates several interventions. In 2014 she participated as a speaker at the conference in English "The Italian transavantgarde", held in Brussels and where, with the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute, she organized a collective of Italian artists. Founding member of the Syart Cultural Association, in 2018 she is curator of the "SyArt Sorrento Festival" event which takes place annually in the prestigious Villa Fiorentino, headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation. In the same year she inaugurates the SyArt Gallery dedicated to contemporary art and located a few steps from the historic residence of Torquato Tasso, in the heart of Sorrento, his art curator activity continues in Italy and abroad.

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