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News preview The boat with 100 migrants off Libya

The boat with 100 migrants off Libya

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After a rubber dinghy with 120 people on board sank off Tripoli last Friday, causing the death of 117 people, a new damaged boat with 100 migrants was reported yesterday by the Alarm Phone volunteer call center at 60 miles of the coasts of Misurata. The phone calls from Prime Minister Conte to Tripoli had an effect: the Libyan authorities, who had already saved two rafts with 150 migrants on board, first claimed not to have patrol boats available, then decided to send the merchant Lady Sharm flying Sierra Leone flag. According to the phone calls that left the boat before the rescue, several corpses should be on board, including that of a child. «The peak of departures in the last five days is due to the resumption of traffickers' activities driven by the need to redo cash after a long period of difficulty linked to the confrontation of Libyan forces. Also yesterday, at least 200 people would have left, although about 160 were intercepted and brought back to the ground, local sources explain.

The recovery of departures is supported by two factors, favorable weather conditions and the institutional crisis which weakens control activities. It is now clear, in fact, that the Prime Minister of the Government of national agreement is increasingly only after the distancing of the three deputies Ahmed Maetig, Fathi al Majbari and Abdel Salam Kajman opposed by the choices made in complete autonomy by Sarraj and in violation of the agreements of Skhirat which provide for the essential consultation of all members of the Presidential Council for institutional choices "[Semprini, Sta].

Salvini reaffirmed his position of total closure via Facebook: «I have not been, I am and will never be an accomplice to human traffickers, who with their earnings invest in weapons and drugs, and NGOs that do not respect rules and orders".

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