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Good people The chicken with peppers according to Sor Antero

The chicken with peppers according to Sor Antero

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Sor Antero, a butcher in Rome in the early post-war years, more out of necessity than knowledge of the trade, sold (when he sold them) chickens with very hard meat (I never understood why) and absolutely tasteless.

My mother, when she rarely bought one, reminded Sor Antero of these certainly not positive characteristics. But he replied, to her and to those who made similar criticisms, that she did not know how to cook what they bought and offered them her recipes, including that of chicken with peppers: a typical picto of Roman cuisine, albeit with numerous versions.

chicken with sweet pepper
Chicken with sweet pepper. Photo credit: Spiced

The Sor Antero recipe was quite simple: chicken cut into pieces, left to cook with a little onion cut finely in a pan with high sides for a few minutes, before adding a glass of water and one of dry white wine. The chicken had to cook with the lid on for about half an hour, adding some water if necessary. At this point you had to add the salt and a couple of peppers cut into pieces and deprived of the internal filaments and seeds (a tip: choose green peppers, because they are tastier), then leave to cook in a pan with the lid until the peppers and the chicken are not fully cooked.

Some, in addition to peppers, add chopped tomatoes, others add a clove of garlic to the onion, others still put a sprig of rosemary instead of tomatoes: a matter of taste.

Despite the quality of the chicken used, the result was not despicable. Seeing is believing, perhaps adding a pinch of chilli: even green peppers are no longer spicy as they used to be ...  

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