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The city (is) of women, House of cinema in Rome 5 and 6 September

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History teaches us that Rome, the Eternal city, was born in legend and was the largest empire of antiquity. But it also tells us that it had only male figures as protagonists of its power, starting with its founders, Romulus and Remus.

Yet great women were the protagonists of that story who lived and told it, contributing to its greatness. In support of this, the project The city (is) of women was born with the aim of telling the eternal city by changing perspective and choosing a new and unusual point of view, the female one.

“The city (is) of women” is a project promoted by Oltre le parole onlus-Teatro Civile and Dire Fare Cambiare, created with the contribution of the Lazio Region as part of the “Si ripArte” project.

We spoke with the program of the event and its aims Giulia Morello, founder of Dire Fare Cambiare.

“The city (is) of women” is a project promoted by Oltre le parole onlus-Teatro Civile and Dire Fare Cambiare, of which you are the founder, together with other women. How was Dire Fare Cambiare born and how does a project created and managed by women differ?

 Our Association is founded by women but in reality it is open to all those who recognize themselves in the principles. In my opinion, the extra “quid” is the gender vision, an opportunity to promote gender equality. Women represent 50% of the human race and yet in no country has gender equality been achieved yet.

Why was the project “The city (is) of women” born?

 The project was actually born from a man who is also a friend called Pascal La Delfa, President of Oltre le Parole Onlus, who got us involved. The intent is to offer a new narrative of the relationship between Rome and women. The history of Rome has always been told to men and this is precisely the reason why “The city (is) of women. We tried to tell the story of a city through the famous women who lived, crossed and told it.

The first appointment is scheduled for 5 September at 18.30 pm at the Casa del Cinema in Rome. Angela Iantosca, journalist and writer, will conduct a special meeting with the famous and award-winning writer Dacia Maraini, entitled "Rome, city of women". On 6 September at 21,00 pm, again at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, it will be the turn of the theatrical performance "Rome, Singular Female" - directed by Pascal La Delfa - 6 actresses for 12 characters tell the story of the capital, from Agrippina to Anna Magnani .
What is the story of these two evenings?

I believe that the intent of all and all the protagonists is to offer a new vision of history and of the city. Also allow me to mention and thank all the actresses of the theatrical show "Rome, Female Singular": Emanuela Panatta, M.Flora Giammarioli, Emanuela Vittori, Paola Borgia, Rosella Petrucci, Gilberta Crispino. They will be the ones to take us by the hand to take us for a walk through a different and unprecedented Rome.

Giulia, let's talk a little about you: why has the social, environmental and cultural theme always been at the center of your works?

Because I strongly believe that culture is a wonderful tool to change the things we don't like, to rewrite our future by rethinking our present.

I have always thought of culture as having a deep root, the premise for a society worthy of everyone and everyone.

In addition to being a director, consultant and artistic director, teacher of visual communication, audiovisual reportage, storytelling, organizer of major events, non-profit events and zero impact events, you are also the author of two books of publishing success entitled "I'm in love by Pippa Bacca. Ask me why ”published by Castelvecchi and“ Schiena contro Schiena ”published by the letters. What prompted you to deal with sensitive topics such as juvenile offenses?

 I worked for 6 years at the CPA in Rome, where minors arrested for a maximum of 96 hours end up waiting for validation by the GIP

I was working in the women's CPA and I had the opportunity to meet many stories, faces, mistakes and possibilities. Hence the idea of ​​the novel "Back against Back", to tell one of the most important training experiences of my life and one of the least known places in our society.

Juvenile penal centers are places that nobody (or almost) talks about and yet every year they host thousands of boys and girls.

What are your plans for the future?

I'm actually looking for stories to tell… I'll keep you posted!

Thank you very much for this very welcome interview.

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