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Diary of a quarantine The colors of the mind

The colors of the mind

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Di Alessia Di Spirito

I look at the world through the window:
a show never seen, from the window I look at the world and I feel like diving into it.
16:37, the hands of the clock mark the time, minute by minute, I look around, I would have a thousand things to do, I sit at the desk where they scream and chuckle my duties. I try to concentrate. I can not make it. I look at the clock, 16:45 pm. Time does not pass. How could I have reduced myself like this?
I decide to quit, I go crazy around the house, without finding a hobby, without any stimulus, I snort here and there, I would like to go out, run on the street, hug my sisters, my grandchildren, my grandparents, my friends but I can not. How could a stupid virus have bound us so?


The only thing left for me to do is use my imagination. Well. I'm doing.
I go out into the garden, sit down, take the headphones, my playlist starts, I guess.
Initially I can't, I stay still in that monotonous and gray air, I try again but my mind is still.
The phone rings, there they are, my grandchildren in video call with their most beautiful smiles. I get distracted. I cry for happiness.
I realize how everyday life is not as trivial as we think.
But the end of that call brings me back to my sad reality.
I pick up the headphones and continue my journey towards indefinite parts of my mind: the imagination, my dear, the only thing that will save us.
I look at the sea, what could be more beautiful than admiring a sunset? Getting lost in its thousand shades by being carried away by the various sensations it creates? I imagine, I think how nice it would be to watch it from the beach, perhaps with the people I love, in silence, letting ourselves be carried away by the pleasant sound of the waves. But this is not possible. I'm happy: sometimes, to be happy, two eyes and a mind are enough.

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