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The correct diet to raise our immune defenses

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The 'right' foods and their cooking, here are the tips for eating well even during this Coronavirus emergency. So as not to get fat, given the situation that forces us to home, and to raise the immune system. Giacinto Miggiano, director of the Human Nutrition Center of the Catholic University and director of the UOC of Clinical Nutrition of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, gave them. “In this period of Coronavirus emergency - he explained - it is important to pay attention to two things above all: the first is the aspect of the hygienic safety of food, of the preparation surfaces and the second, to privilege cooking. Raw foods are certainly more at risk than cooked ones. But fruit and vegetables must not be missing because, if properly washed, they bring many important minerals. Rather, attention must be paid to the meat and fish control chain ”. It is always a good idea to "cook food at 70 degrees so that any viral load can be eliminated".

“A second aspect to consider - continues Miggiano - is to increase the immune defenses of our body, therefore fasting should be avoided. When we fast or do not eat enough, our body suffers. Nutrition must therefore include foods that are not only safe but rich in minerals and vitamins to strengthen the immune system. "

Almonds. Photo credit: Juan José Valencia Antía by unsplash.com

"The food scheme - specifies the expert - must be divided between fish, meat and eggs, in addition to the usual portions as said of fruit and vegetables. This will allow the body to stock up on minerals such as copper, zinc, selenium and all the complex of vitamins B, B1, B6 and vitamin D. If you are unable to introduce the quantities of vitamins by eating alone necessary supplements can come to our aid, but under medical supervision ". Bene “smoothies, centrifuged fruit and vegetables and juices. As snacks, portions of nuts such as nuts and peanuts rich in zinc and copper that help strengthen the immune system ".

In general “our Mediterranean diet is always a good model to follow - continues Miggiano - because it sums up what the body needs. In fact, in the food pyramid there is no shortage of cereals, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
Even if you feel weakened, it is important to continue eating and hydrating albeit with light food ".
“If these general rules - concludes Miggiano - are good for both men and women, the elderly who are notoriously more fragile deserve a separate discussion. The preparation is more liquid as there may be problems with chewing and swallowing. The indication remains the general one: do not fast, always eat raw and well washed fruit and vegetables but in their case centrifuged, preferably mixed with milk in order to ingest the proteins in a solution. It is also up to family members and cargivers to monitor the frail elderly person so that these elements are not lacking in his daily diet. The last piece of advice is to drink water, especially when the basal temperature is rising, but the infusions of mallow and chamomile are very tasty ”.

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