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News preview The day that sees Europeanism coming together in Europe sees Italy split again ...

The day that sees Europeanism recompose in Europe sees the government split in Italy because of "we will do as in Russia"

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The day that is closing and that tomorrow morning will find synthesis in the front pages of the newspapers (those who are still dedicated to interpreting and connecting the facts) brings up issues that walked with apparent separation.

Our "window on the courtyard" today has been kept open for hours on a large courtyard, that of Europe and on the influences that the pan-European framework is beginning to have on the Italian interior scenario.

Now (almost 22 p.m.), television commentaries flow in this direction. They do it effectively on 7 in the program "On air”By Telese and Parenzo, two lucid and converging guests, such as Marco Minniti (ex-Minister of the Interior, PD) and Maurizio Molinari (director of the Press).

Ursula von der Leyen was elected President of the Commission by the EP with 9 majority votes (not even Juncker and Barroso had wide margins), confirming the bond of the popular, socialist, liberal, but replacing the possible vote of the greens with that of the Italian pentastellati. The sovereignists ruled against the German candidate for a clear opposition; but also against the greens themselves for not sufficient threshold of guarantees on "climate change". 

Ursula von der Leyen
Ursula von der Leyen

The effects on the Italian government

However, he applauds Italian Prime Minister Conte who had aimed at an Italian signal in favor of the German candidate despite having to register Palazzo Chigi which, with this vote, the Italian majority is not only divided but also opposed on the issue that had characterized the entire recent election campaign: the relationship with Europe. Who wanted the redevelopment of Europeanism against those who wanted "turn Europe like a sock".

If in recent days rumors were circulating about a possible convergence of the Italian leagues around the openings in several directions of von der Leyen, the very recent events - including the Moscopole Northern League - they froze every possibility, bringing the strong Salvinian patrol back into the bonds of the sovereign group and making explicit the satisfaction for the League's "non-competition" in the last statement of the German candidate, after an intervention in the morning in Parliament that had instead removed the doubts to the socialists about their participation in the vote.

Minniti and above all Molinari have explained how, on this matter, the European political balances and the trend of the still confused affair that happened at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow intersect. They crossaround the different and opposed way of understanding the national interest by the two government forces in Italy”, Explains the director of the press, putting Prime Minister Conte - who eventually brought the vote of pentestallati - in the wake of traditional Atlantic Europeanism. And completely denuding what is appearing (here the words are from Minniti) as "a psychological subordination and politics”By Salvini to Russia for repeated reasons. Starting with the 2014 Ukrainian affair and the illegal annexation of Crimea which will generate the clear and convinced sanctions against Russia of the European Union, to which Salvini has repeatedly stated that he wants to oppose. This is an argument that sees the substantial part of the European States that consider this issue (Minniti connects it with precise references also to the Libyan crisis) converging central in the profiling of the current foreign policy of the Union.

"We will do as in Russia"

Re-read today, the declarations and the position taken by the Northern League for some years on the relationship with Moscow sound like a politically distorted update of the famous motto that determined the '21 socialist rift in Italy with that "we will do as in Russia”Of the communist fraction that had as its first result that of pushing the Italian bourgeoisie into the arms of the insurgent fascists. However, they sound bad in most of Europe. Although Putin's spokesman Dimitri Peskov took the field today to clearly state that "as we have already said, none of us from Russia has ever given financial support to any politician or political party in Italy", we are beginning to understand that in Europe the problem of the attempted League request for a maxi-bribe on the operation of the purchase of Russian oil does not take on importance in terms of whether the agreement has been concluded or not and therefore whether the money has arrived or not, but on the fact that the connections and interlocutions came between a ruling party in Italy and the Russian state's control over energy exports to the point of making this kind of thing possible.

Salvini towards the confrontation in Palamento

The set of facts of this July 16 aligns things so better. Which cost a vertical split in the Italian government and ultimately make Salvini desist from the idea of ​​not caring about giving explanations in Parliament (now overcoming the first attempt to limit himself to question time, a more substantive parliamentary debate protocol will likely emerge). But that report the hands of Europe's political convergence factors within a line where until yesterday Italy was in danger of being excluded entirely.

Time, after the day in which the ex-minister of defense of Germany was elected to lead the Commission, after the European Parliament saw the election of an Italian, David Sassoli, an exponent of the opposition at home President of Parliament, the dividing line sees only the League component clearly out of play. Somehow the Italian government in charge of the negotiations (Conte, Moavero, Tria), despite this evident injury, has a certain condition to negotiate better - here perhaps with some national interest - the formation of the Commission. And here, as the President of the Italian European Movement Pier Virgilio Dastoli keenly observes, the idea that Italy's Competition it appears "meaningless", because it would be the only portfolio that, by definition, must be managed, with everyone's guns pointed, in a condition of absolute neutrality with respect to national interests.

This July 16th

In short, between old stories and new facts, this July 16 redesigns relations in Europe and relations between Italy and Europe. While not leaving the most responsible comments no song of victory, but rather the awareness that is taking shape now, in the new European legislature, the real battle over the possible change of the Union, with the risk that - if you lose time or if you get involved in diatribe - the sovereign front (as seen in part pro-Russian) will regain strength and influence.

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