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News preview The De Vito grill was arrested for corruption

The De Vito grill was arrested for corruption

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Marcello De Vito, Roman municipal councilor of the M5s and president of the Capitoline Assembly, was arrested at dawn yesterday for corruption and trafficking in illicit influences as part of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office on public works in Rome, including the new Roma stadium in Tor di Valle, Trastevere station and the former general markets of Ostiense.

Marcello De Vito, President of the City Council of Rome

For the magistrate, De Vito and the lawyer Camillo Mezzocapo (also in handcuffs) would have received bribes for a total of 230 thousand euros from the builders Luca Parnasi, Claudio and Pierluigi Toti and Giuseppe Statuto. Another 160 thousand euros would have been promised but never delivered to the two arrested.

In the interceptions one hears De Vito say: «Let's distribute the money», «Gabibbo would have won in Rome», «This astral conjunction ... it's like the alignment of Halley's comet, you understand? That is, in my opinion, it is difficult to re-verify it ... and then we, Marcè, have to exploit it, in my opinion, that is, look ... we have two years left ».

The latter is the conversation between Camillo Mezzocapo and Marcello De Vito dating back to 4 February. According to the investigating magistrate Maria Paola Tomaselli is the demonstration of the "commercial value" that De Vito's public office "has assumed in relation to the government responsibilities that the M5S has both at municipal and national level".

From the armchair of Door to Door in the evening the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi said she was "on a rampage, taken by surprise". Di Maio then expelled him in record time from the Movement.

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