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Health at the table The dietary trifle: let's dispel the taboos

The dietary trifle: let's dispel the taboos

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A few years ago, a nice pharmaceutical informant published the medical stupidarium or a very amusing, surprising and shocking collection of all the stupid things listened to and recorded during years of waiting in the doctors' antechambers. We doctors in turn collide with the patients' beliefs and dietary fantasies when we are asked for advice on healthy eating.

I would like to give some examples in the hope of offering some good advice.
Il broth it is a food that lends itself to many interpretations. Being considered a "light" food, it is easily offered to the sick. From a scientific point of view, the broth contains protein substances from meat, fish or vegetables dissolved in water. It takes up little space in the stomach and provides useful ready-to-use substances, but if the meat is boiled for as long as many mothers often do, thinking to make it more nutritious, the final product is a brick because it stimulates too much secretion
gastric making digestion longer. It is possible that any broth causes gastric acidity rather than facilitating digestion.

eat the right

Il milk, mozzarella and ricotta lactose contains a disaccharide sugar consisting of two molecules (glucose + galactose) that 50% of Italians do not digest or cannot break the link between the two due to the lack of the lactase enzyme, thus causing various trivial intestinal disorders that we call intolerance. Those suffering from constipation will have a disaccharide laxative recommended by their doctor or drink milk to obtain the benefit. It follows the belief that milk intolerance reveals a latent disease and you stop drinking a fantastic, nutritious and fun food. I would like to make everyone understand that the inability to digest lactose is not a disease but it depends on the fact that we only came into contact with milk at the end of the 30s of the last century when the Milk Centers were created which allowed urbanized citizens to consume it every day. The great-grandchildren of these citizens will digest lactose much better in a few years.

Of course in all fermented cheeses lactose is not there and very little contains it yogurt so everyone can consume them without risking annoyances. A long-standing problem is represented by the presence of lactose as an excipient in many medicinal tablets. The quantity is minimal but there are those who pay attention to it and are careful in viewing the composition of the medicines prescribed by the doctor who rarely raises the problem.
From a scientific point of view, that small amount should not justify intolerance disorders but it is better not to create a debate with the patient and admit that it can happen.

But why does the pharmaceutical industry use lactose? Because it is soft, light, malleable. For this it combines well with the active ingredients that are administered in pills.

Many times you have seen someone take the time to get rid of grape skin, tangerine or orange wedges to remove that fiber which is very useful to treat constipation which is the real enemy of the colon. It would be better to take a harmless fiber every day rather than an expensive medicine or to give up the tomato, grapes or prickly pear which are very useful.

La blank diet for the vast majority of people it means eating discolored by giving up the tomato. It means eating spaghetti seasoned with only olive oil or a mortifying, punitive dish. How do you eat pasta that doesn't taste at all? In reality, eating white means removing too elaborate foods from the diet,
overcooked, very spicy.

Does the aperitif stimulate hunger? A great pleasant scam to which we willingly submit when we go to dinner with friends but also without friends when we are tired, when we want a good taste in the mouth. The alcohol, like broth, is a stimulation of gastric secretion and for this reason it is attributed the greater ease of digesting everything. It's not true! First of all, the alcohol that comes into contact with the gastric mucosa
fasting acts as a cleanser that destroys the gastric mucus protecting the mucous membrane, secondly making the gastric environment more acidic makes digestion longer. Actually alcohol taken before dinner with friends has a relaxing, euphoric effect, facilitates socialization.

Do we get to a place where we will meet strangers and do we have to take the courage to introduce ourselves to a nice guy or a nice girl? The aperitif helps us. This is the whole truth. You will find confirmation when you go to the mountains and you will see serious and compassionate Northern Europeans arriving for dinner, who after drinking a glass or two of good wine become cheerful, talkative and friendly.

Let's not talk about the digestive, the chaser. It is drunk as if it were a plunger. In reality it is a hard alcohol that appeals especially to alcohol lovers. Pay attention to it and you will see people who often drink two or three "small glasses" of the Amaro XX as if it were mineral water. Amaro or grappino, often produced by conventual industries, do not help digestion.

Red wine, red meat, spinach and artichokes they are recommended to treat anemia. It is a pity that we cannot know how much meat, how much wine and how many spinaches to eat and for how long. We must hope that the anemia is not serious and that we can wait a long time to see it corrected in this way.

These nonsense we are familiar with accompany us throughout our lives. We could correct them but we would risk replacing them with other nonsense. The important thing is to know who we are dealing with. Do you want to digest well? Choose good companions to eat laughing and joking, eat the right, without overdoing it, drink little, sleep better and stay longer without giving money to doctors or pharmacists.

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