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“The digital financial consultant”, the new book by Maurizio Primanni and Ernesto Vergani

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“The growing globalization and the extreme speed of information have drastically changed the economic, political and social dynamics with interdependencies and increasingly close connections and news, actions and reactions in real time. In this context, any event that tends to introduce uncertainty and volatility has immediate chaos, or worse, fear. And it is precisely the immediate, viral propagation of the uncertain that makes the overall picture lose sight of, the anchoring of what has been built and what has been achieved. The ability to manage emotions, with competence, trust and relationship become key elements for building a professionalism capable of creating value. The culture of value is the foundation on which the professions of tomorrow will increasingly be built and where the financial advisor finds his natural space playing a fundamental role for society " Preface by Gian Maria Mossa, CEO and DG Banca Generali.

The 9 July in all bookstores and online stores "The digital financial advisor / How to get economic and operational benefits from digital tools", the new book by Maurizio Pirmanni CEO of Excellence, an Italian strategic consultancy company, and from Ernesto Vergani, Journalist. A text that arrives at the right time following a period such as that of the coronavirus pandemic, during which the importance of digital has been underlined also and above all in the financial and economic field.

The book written by four professionals, focuses on the future destination of the figure of the financial advisor who will inevitably go digital with or without coronavirus.

The two authors begin their analysis from China, the country that first found itself fighting to manage the health emergency and the first that came out of it, providing an anticipation of what will also happen in Europe. Thanks to new digital technologies, the country has managed to maintain a favorable situation for a prompt restart of the banking sector. It is precisely the new technologies, from those already known (wealth management platform, web collaboration and digital signature) to lesser ones (digital advice, gamification and machine learning), the necessary tools to be able to project towards the digital future. But they are not the only ones.

financial advisor
"The digital financial consultant" by Maurizio Primanni and Ernesto Vergani

The book explores how indispensable the relationships between the consultant and the client are, investigating the numerous perspectives that exist between the two figures: the advantages of digital consultancy for both the client and the professional and its potential, the impacts of efficiency and the productivity of the consultant, and the numerous variety of associated services such as real estate or business consultancy.

The digital financial advisor is a book that is addressed not only to the world of finance, but also to all professionals who touch this world and want to implement their knowledge and skills.

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