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Uncomfortable diary The economy, patience, will be rebuilt, as we did after the war. Life, however, is ...

The economy, patience, will be rebuilt, as we did after the war. Life, on the other hand, is precious because it is unrepeatable

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We continue to argue, to no avail. People, with the exception of a few idiots, have understood this. Politicians do not. So much so, there is no cure. The vaccine is far away. It heals only thanks to its immune defenses, those who do not have it are in the hands of fate. As long as no effective drug is found, the only defense is isolation. The dedication of doctors and the efficiency of health care, the commitment of the government and volunteers only serve to prolong the stay. Those who want to survive stay at home. All the rest is useless. Politics is looting, as well as offensive to the memory of those who can't do it.

The economy, patience, will be rebuilt, as we did after the war. Life, on the other hand, is precious because it is unrepeatable

We can be as republican as we want, but royal families have great dignity even in critical moments

With us, children take it out on the judiciary if it dares to condemn a parent who has stolen. On the other hand, for a king the sense of the state prevails even over great affections. As soon as he discovered that his father had accepted a donation of 100 million from Saudi Arabia, Felipe rejected him and even deprived him of his pension. Yet Juan Carlos was a powerful monarch who firmly managed the country in the difficult transition from dictatorship to democracy. Money, however - while aware that sooner or later the figure of shit is inevitable - exerts an irresistible charm on anyone, even the king.

The commander of the Diamond Princess is commander of the Republic

Since this society is mainly populated by somewhat cowardly cacasotto, the normality is to run away at the first warning sign with the passengers, if not before. It rarely happens that the person in charge remains on the ship and leaves last. In this exceptional situation - that is, performing one's duty - the protagonist is considered a hero. The most recent case concerns Gennaro Arma, captain of the transatlantic liner quarantined for two weeks in the port of Yokohama with 3700 cruise passengers on board, including 600 affected by the Coronavirus. It is not often that he is an Italian.

While Mameli's hymn is sung from the balconies, some are committed to reviving glorious traditions

After so many sad news, of poor people who die and do not even find easy burial. Of congested hospitals, on the verge of collapse. Of those who, depleting themselves, buy masks on the black market. Of those heroic doctors and nurses who work continuously in contempt of danger. Finally one that brings us back to the carefree and cheerful Italic habits, which seem invented and which actually happen. At Cardarelli in Naples 249 health workers, without shame or any embarrassment, got sick by presenting fake certificates. Better a punishment or kick in the ass?

It is often those who we despise, most of the times unfairly, that save us from critical situations

Now we must hope that the notorious multinationals, owners of the reviled pharmaceutical industries, will save us from the Coronavirus. We hated and cursed them because they get rich on the ailments of poor people. It will be thanks to them, however, if we free ourselves from fear and resume living. Hurry up to make the vaccine or at least a drug to treat and block epidemics and infections. How did we get so reduced, without dignity? You can't believe it. We do it under fear. But when the danger is over we will be ungrateful and bold again no vax.

People with immense goodness never die, they survive in everyone's heart

When a great friend, with whom they have shared so many beautiful moments in life, leaves, it is a huge pain. It is as if a part of us is leaving. It is even sadder today, that we cannot even give her a last farewell. "Mom went up to Heaven" is the heartfelt message. Women like Giovanna Scoca Pandiscia should be eternal. One cannot imagine the world without her. Instead it is gone. An immense loss, not only for children, grandchildren and friends, but for everyone, even for those who have not known it. Because his existence warmed anyone who needed a smile.

Infections and deaths are little stuff compared to the inconvenience that this epidemic is causing us

We seem to have forgotten that the Scudetto will not be awarded and the Olympics will not be played. This spiteful virus upsets our comforts. New amateur editorialists whose newspapers and newsrooms allow space, denigrate those who care about health and neglect the economy. What is life worth against a GDP point? The fault is not only of those who fear us, but of the credulity of the citizens. Instead of reflecting they are prey to lies and grudges. We are in full tragedy. In war, when bombs fall, one thinks of saving the skin. Patience if the house collapses, we will rebuild it.

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