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Diary of a quarantine The end or a new beginning?

The end or a new beginning?

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Di Teresa D'Auria

4 May, the quarantine ends, but life will not be as before. The government calls this step phase 2, and there are many questions we ask ourselves. Is it really starting again? Will we be afraid? Will it all be the same? What are the aftermaths brought by the quarantine?

The sun seemed brighter this morning, the awakening was less slow and getting out of bed was more pleasant than the other days. I was looking forward to seeing the country, which I had almost abandoned. I removed the endless questions I asked myself from my head, covered my face with the mask and looked in the mirror. My face was no longer the same as before, my smile was covered by an object that I had never had to wear; but despite not seeing my smiling face, I was happy that morning so much that even my eyes smiled.

Coming down from home I thought about what the street would be like with the shops closed and how many people I would meet. Every person I met, dear to me, would have given me a sense of serenity and joy as if it had been the first time. Everything would have had a new meaning, I would have seen everything with a new mind. The streets were free of noises, noises, everything was silent. People no longer greeted each other with affection and handshake, but tended to ignore each other. All of this is distressing, but that's how we have to act and get used to it.

I was happy that morning but also with the weight of the endless questions that ran in my head. It is useless to tear ourselves away with a thousand questions that we cannot answer effectively. Life has changed and the real man can adapt; what matters is that we are all well, and the hope of normality animates us to move forward.
Gradually we will return, the "uncovered" smiles will return and the distancing will end. We will make it, the worst is over.

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