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The eternal “digital bodies” produced with Big Data - Towards the Digital Day

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Tonight I was reflecting on the obscene business of Big Data. And some considerations came to mind that I would like to share with you.

1) The collection of our "all" data, from personal data to medical data, conversations, emails, photos and videos, up to the sighs in the bedroom ... bases its motivations on three needs of the Global Power Elite:  

- the need for Secret Services, first of all the US National Security Agency, to "control" practically anyone on the planet, as a potential "terrorist". At the US Congress in 2001 they approved the Patriot Act, the other governments have adapted and ... AMEN!

- the need of the supranational cartel of the Advertising Agencies (IAA) to know in detail the propensity to consume ANYONE on the Planet, to flood it with targeted messages that induce him to buy (above all) consumer goods and services, produced and distributed from the multinational corporations cartel… AMEN!

- the need of Gotha, which plans and manages the Future, to restructure the work and economy of the Planet by passing it off as Innovation

The business is thriving, but obviously it's not just BUSINESS. The detailed control of the Populations corresponds dramatically to the decline of Democracies and the advent of a cold and hidden Digital Dictatorship.

Already this would be enough to justify an immense worldwide protest, which, moreover, in a somewhat stammering way arose at the time of Snowden's revelations; but then a dark silence fell on the scene.

All this having been said, at this point, however, we must also begin to analyze some effects that derive from and intersect with the macro-themes briefly described.

The bipole VISIBILITY / ANONYMITY. From many researches it appears that the mute respect of Social Media Users and other Network Users, towards these abuses, is justified by the fact that the network managers "give you VISIBILITY". And that such Visibility is, in the end, a consolation to the uneasiness that almost everyone feels, feeling invisible, powerless, speechless, unable to express their opinions and to enjoy their public image unless it is "amplified". In essence: we know that we don't count for anything, that we belong to that 99% of the Population that is underused and vilified; we know that we are destined for an inevitable death ... if nothing else, let's get excited on the Net, try to accumulate likes and viewers and in doing so we try to feel vital sensations ... visibility = digital vitality. It matters little if in the meantime true vitality weakens.

The simple equation: SO MUCH VISIBILITY = SO MUCH CONTROL, therefore goes in the shadows ... the heralded Right to Privacy is reduced to the acceptance and justification of Rules that regulate the misappropriation of our Data and ... AMEN!

The Age of Cookie is just beginning, the endless sequence of clicks on "I accept" becomes the indispensable treat to stay in the game. 

At this point the opposite pole of Visibility, that is, the dark ANONYMITY, risks becoming a Value. We know very well that, for Powerful Truths, gangsters and tax evaders, Anonymity is a value; always. I just want to reflect on the fact that, almost certainly, after the hangover of Visibility, in progress many will want to recover the anonymity. And this is an aspect that perhaps will change the current social scene in the coming decades.

What is called Big Data is a Universe that extends continuously and includes both the multitude of personal Big Data (of each), and collective Big Data (of religion, of nation, of social group, of income group, etc. ...). Now, as already described by me in other interventions, each file in which our Personal Data is grouped corresponds to a mass of "profiles" that make up a "digital body". So this endless Universe of Big Data is populated by an endless number of "digital bodies".

A part of these are "active and visible", a part are "segregated and in latency". That's right! Just as if you were building - and in part a parallel World has already been built - made up of endless sequences of bits and bytes, which "lives" in another dimension: a dimension in which Time, Space, Speed, Gravity and every other fundamental element of the Newtonian physical dimension are radically different.

In this new dimension, which can be accessed thanks to digital devices, as if these were the "access doors" to a stargate - which more properly should be defined as "digitalgate" - as mentioned, "live" digital bodies. They enter and leave from inside immense memories, are accessible and available thanks to tags managed by algorithms and appear on the screens, the "windows" that allow Visibility / Control. There are now around 15 billion interactive screens worldwide (including those of smart phones). Before the Internet was born, it was 2 billion, and it was not interactive. 

By the way this parallel world, dematerialized, is the one in which, thanks to 5G, Machines Learning, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Internet of Things, etc ... the great millennial mutation that goes by the name of Transhumanism is about to take place. Here our digital bodies and the digital bodies of the Things we surround ourselves with will interact with each other producing still unthinkable forms of politics, economics, culture and (why not?) Religiosity and spirituality. On the threshold between the material world and the digital world, thanks to the ongoing embrace between biogenetics and digital-genetic, "human hybrids" will be produced: beings that with a microchip implanted close to the brain will reach a speed of action and thought similar to that of mathematical calculators.

The scene makes you stunned. We are hostage to hidden Potentates who manifest themselves through operational acronyms such as Tesla, but also Google / Youtube and Facebook or Paypal or Huawei, etc ...

Among other things: the digital body, not being "biogenetic" but "digital-genetic" and therefore "numerical", theoretically does not deteriorate, is easily cloned to infinity and is basically ETERNAL. This is one of the great news! The "physical body" is in fact a fixed-term vehicle, destined to be discarded. It appears on Earth, passing through a maternal uterus, lives a certain number of years and then slowly disintegrates. Relentlessly. This has always caused anguish in humans. The fear of physical Death, the famous "Totella level", affects the secular western history of both the Powerful and the Oppressed.

The digital body, on the other hand, may not die! It can become eternal.

Allocated in those memories I mentioned earlier it is as if it were "hibernating" and can reappear according to the will of the One who took and held him hostage. Even the HISTORY and FATE of a digital body can be questioned. Unless…! Unless the "body" in question has not been registered within a blockchain: registry office and notary of the future.

In comparison, the Heroes of the Past, their Monuments, their imposing biographies are pale vestiges of the Pre-Digital Era. Sic transit gloria mundi! The things of the world are ephemeral but ... if we digitize them - and Great Music and Art already teach us this - could they become eternal?

Is this perhaps based on the opaque fascination that the digital world exerts on Humans? Is the chaotic urge to Transhumanism, which is about to spread, the bet to go beyond physical transhumanism and the limits of genetics? Are the walls of the labyrinth within which Ethics reigned for centuries - without providing solutions shared by the entire human race - about to collapse shaken by the earthquake of (self-defined) scientific Thought? Who knows what forms the Dreams and Needs, Rights and Interests will take?   

I do not know what to say. I am the first to be "astonished" in front of this digital tsunami that advances. I just wanted to communicate these reflections hoping that every single producer of digital body and every collective of digital bodies, progressively assumes a greater awareness of what is happening and in this way it is possible to generate “AN STILL HUMAN REACTION”.

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