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Uncomfortable diary The involution of Turkey from Ataturk's secularism to Erdogan's religious dictatorship

The involution of Turkey from Ataturk's secularism to Erdogan's religious dictatorship

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When the voters understand that not only economic well-being, but above all the quality of life, depends on politics, they will appreciate the value of democracy and will be able to defend it. More work and less taxes are a coveted goal. But health, freedom, the future of children and peace count even more. The hatred of the Turks for the 50 million Kurds - guilty of asking for an independent state - are an example of madness involving Europe and western society. Thousands of innocents will die, others will lose their homes. In war it is the poor people who have the worst.

Kurdish army
Kurdish army

Good unions, striking will certainly help Alitalia solve problems!

Shame. During the tourist boom, Alitalia is in constant crisis in the most visited country in the world. Many managers have changed. All incapable? Maybe it's not all their fault. There is something rotten that cannot be identified. There is ongoing state aid and foreign capital has intervened. But the company closes the balance sheet. Instead of studying a way to help the government resolve it, the air transport unions proclaim the strike, making the company's survival even more difficult. Someone has been on layoffs for seven years and maybe doing another job.

All against all, nobody thinks about the difficulty of governing and even about the country

Only Salvini and Meloni have a compact team. Nobody makes statements except to defend their leader, even if they are wrong, and to accuse their opponents. They are united by the skin. The others, however, are nothing but a "party of armchairs". They are constantly hovering with the fate of the country. Everyone must have their say. They don't discuss it with each other, but by making announcements and giving interviews. Renzi is the tantrum of the first woman and Conte loses patience. Zingaretti, as well as Speranza, would like him to do what he thinks. Do you want to see that in the end the wisest politician is Di Maio ?!

Unfortunately, even in sport you jump on the winner's cart

We read exaggerated judgments on Sarri's talent. What is its merit? Each Juventus player is worth more than one of the other A. teams. It is not necessary to resort to a scientist or to the help of the referees, who, however, does not hurt. With champions like Ronaldo, Higuain, Dybala, Bonucci, Pjanic and all the others who are not far behind, any amateur would easily win yet another championship. It is true that since childhood they tell us that David can beat Goliath. But this happens in mythology. In sport, competition is beautiful only if there is equal value. If not, it's trivial and boring.

Ethnic cleansing has begun on the Kurds and we are assisting as if it does not concern us

History is teeming with racial discrimination, but that of Kurdistan is particular because it occurs in the third millennium. The territory is inhabited by 50 million people, mostly Muslims, but it is not an independent state. It is divided into five countries. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Turkey, which considers them bitter enemies to exterminate. The plateau is rich in oil and nobody wants to give up their share. Neither the UN, NATO, the USA, Russia, China and Europe intervene. The Kurds, who defeated ISIS, will release thousands of prisoners. Terrorism will return and we will pay for it.

Unlike the many other royals, maintained by the state, which many admire

Charles Gustav of Sweden, reigning XVI who bears this name, has three children and seven grandchildren. Their appanage would weigh too much on the taxpayer. Despite the love, the king deprived five of them of the title of "royal height". They will be dukes and duchesses forever, but without public representation functions or state maintenance. They will undertake an activity, like any citizen. Only two will maintain the function, to ensure the lineage of the dynasty, after Princess Sofia, heir to the throne. Thus the monarch gives a demonstration of royalty to the country and the whole world.

Italian reforms are often like those of Maria Cazzetta

She was a not really insightful Roman commoner. In fact, a little slow to react. That's why everything that fails badly compares itself to its exploits and takes its name. The new outfit of the Italian national football team, for example, is typical of the de cuius. From now on the blues will wear a dark shirt that recalls the uniform of our soldiers in Kobarid. Shall we call them 'greens'? It is an incomprehensible reform, against tradition, which annuls more than a century of history. Do you want to see that the designer was inspired by the fight against CO2 emissions? Oh my God, that Greta still in the way!

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