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The eyes

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Di Ilaria Iuliano

Time seems to repeat itself in a distinct flow of equal minutes.
The days, suspended in precariousness, are marked by the same actions and thoughts.
How many days has it been Sunday?
How many days has imprisonment reigned supreme?
How many books have you read? How many movies have you seen?
How many times have you got dirty with flour by preparing sweets?
And how many times have you said "diet from tomorrow!" postponing every workout.
How many people have become part of a screen now?
How many times have you put make up on wearing the most beautiful dress and then put on your pajamas?
And how many times have you imagined what tomorrow will be like? What will it be like to go out and breathe life with your heart?

It is the morning of May 4th, Phase 2 has officially begun. The Italian people are shivering, they can't wait to go through the front door and I too, after almost two months of imprisonment, go out excited for the first time. I feel the heat of the sun on my skin caressed by a light wind, the rustle of the leaves, I observe the swirling of swallows in the blue sky which increases spring beauty.

I am happy because I feel the impulses of life, I can perceive the beat of nature that unstoppably promotes rebirth by instilling a vitalistic push into its creatures. Nature responds to death, fear, asphyxiation by releasing energy. I observe the unrecognizable passersby, the mask covers the face revealing only the eyes. Now the eyes are the distinguishing element between men. There is no longer any discrimination based on gender, race or religious belief. Masks make all citizens equal, innocent victims of a common enemy. Only the eyes, the mirror of the soul, allow you to intuit the identity of the other by experiencing the dimension of beyond appearance, of being, seeing the charm of authenticity.

I greet people respecting the distance, the smile is hidden by the mask but my gaze reveals hope. Walking through the streets of my country I admire the beauty of nature that surrounds me while before running I ignored everything.The world was distracted by the frenzy and did not know how to appreciate the value of freedom but above all it did not know how to complete a path of improvement in the name of good. Man was constantly busy building walls and devices to remove and annihilate the other by sacrificing the true salvation that is gained by believing in solidarity. I arrive home convinced that soon humanity will be reborn with a new awareness, will attach importance to life and to man looking him in the eye and will discover the value of authenticity.

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