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Leafing through the New York Times Is the fashion industry over? Not yet.

Is the fashion industry over? Not yet.

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Leafing through the New York Times today June 4, 2020.

Probably worried by the tide of bad news that, amidst the coronavirus, the riots and Trump's nonsense, occupy most of the newspaper, today's New York Times dedicates an entire issue to fashion with this subtitle: "After the storms, the thrust to dress well will start again. But the world has changed. " It is true that it is difficult to imagine it in a world ravaged by disease, economic insecurity, racism and unrest, but we will start dressing well again. Not for the anonymity of the hospital or essential services, not for the violence of the protests or trips to the supermarket, but for the catharsis of the next stage. Dress with a capital V. It is both in history and in human nature. Says an expert on future trends: “It's like coming out of a war. The buildings are still there, but everything else is in ruins. We want two things: security and dance. We want something new, to refresh our personalities. Eccentric, romantic clothes ".


- Three others accused of helping in Floyd's murder. On the ninth day of unrest, the accusation of the murderer went from pre-intentional to voluntary but not premeditated murder. Protests against police brutality with black people continued across the country. The ex-President Obama turned to all the mayors to review the rules of the use of force.

- Where the Minneapolis police used force against black people. Only 20% of Minneapolis's population is black. But 60% of police interventions using force are against people of color. Four fatal surgeries since 2015 using firearms.

- Esper disagrees with Trump on the use of the military. Defense Minister Mark Esper stated that the use of the army to quell internal unrest is not allowed, contradicting Trump who had just threatened to do so.

- As poll numbers drop, Trump spends to keep states where he won. Concerned about losing even in states such as Ohio, Iowa and Arizona, which have always been strongly republican.


- The United States expels Chinese airlines. The closure of all passenger flights to and from China will begin on June 16th.

- 5 vaccine candidates selected. The government has chosen 5 companies out of 12 that work on the vaccine.

-       Echo of 1989 in Hong Kong. In Tiananmen, the change seemed unstoppable. But China's furious response casts a long shadow until today.

- President's checkup. Trump remains healthy after taking hydroxychloroquine.

- England will welcome 3 million from Hong Kong, Johnson said.  With work visas and the possibility of becoming an English citizen.


- Imagine Venice again effervescent, not with tourists but with Italians. For once it was the Venetians who filled the square. Days before Italy canceled the restrictions on visits by foreigners, the Venetians gathered in the square to protest a new pier, but also to seize the opportunity, perhaps unique, to find that there is also another Venice, with a future less dependent on tourists. Cartels distributed by activists said: "Nothing changes if you don't change anything."

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