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Leafing through the New York Times The film that ICE doesn't want Americans to see

The film that ICE doesn't want Americans to see

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Leafing through the New York Times of 24/07/2020

 The producers of the documentary cite requests to cut some scenes. The heads of the ICE (the agency that deals with immigration) had given permission to film also behind the scenes thinking of having then a material favorable to Trump's policy strongly and blindly opposed to immigrants. But with the documentary nearing the end of production, the government is now struggling not to allow it to be distributed before the elections or to cut some scenes. Those, for example, that show ICE agents lying to immigrants to enter their homes and then make fun of them as they take them to prison. Or an agent who breaks open a door to enter an immigrant's house. It will certainly end up in court, hoping that conscientious judges will be able to get it out on TV before the election.


- Trump cancels the republican "convention" in Jacksonville. Sudden change due to increased contagion in Florida. The "convention" that gathers all those who count in the party, aims to officially nominate the candidate for president. In the case of a president in office at the end of his first term, it is a pure formality, the candidate is he, as here in the case of Trump. The "convention" was initially scheduled in North Carolina, but had been moved to Florida at Trump's request, because North Carolina was asking for too many precautions for the virus.

The rise in unemployment benefit claims shows a retreat in the resumption of work. 1,4 million new requestsA particularly painful descent, given that a special subsidy of $ 600 a week is about to expire and it is not clear whether parliament will renew it.

- Cohen is the target of retaliation, a judge ruled. Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney and fixer, sentenced to 18 months in prison for lying to congress during the impeachment trial, with the possibility of serving his sentence at home, was then returned to prison. because he refused to give up writing and publishing a book on Trump before the election. The judge decided that putting him back in prison was a retaliation and sent him home. Hopefully the book will come out in time to better understand Trump seen from inside his offices.

- Ocasio-Cortez challenges sexism by shaming it in parliament. Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez, elected last year as the youngest woman ever elected to parliament, attacked a colleague for calling her "a fucking bitch" and followed up with a lengthy denunciation of sexism. , especially verbal, rampant in parliament. Clearly referring to Trump, he said: "It happens when individuals who hold the highest positions in the country admit that they hurt women and use that kind of language against us all."


-      In Texas, it was a republican party against a republican party. The masks provisions highlighted the contrast between innovative Republicans and the institution.

-      The reopening of Spain limpsThe new cases of contagion quadrupled after the end of the closure, in June.

-      Proceeding on a tightrope in Beijing. After the closure of the Houston consulate, China faces the difficult decision of how to react without risking a complete breakdown of relations with the United States.

-      China launches its mission to Mars. If his vehicle manages to land on Mars, China will join the United States and Russia in reaching that goal.

-      Tear gas to the Mayor of Portland. The mayor had joined a crowd of young Protestants when federal agents deployed to Portland by Trump's madness launched tear gas. The mayor said it only had the effect of making demonstrators angrier.

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