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  • Di Maio, busy on TV, arrived an hour late to the Council of Ministers which was to launch the Growth Decree with the Salva-Roma, in which the League's ministers and only three Grillini ministers participated in full. Salvini had a game won and Salva-Roma was removed from the provision. The League leader made the announcement before the council began with these words: «There are no mayors of Serie A and mayors of Serie B. La Raggi? The Romans do not have to pay the incapacity of the administration, but giving other money is not the best thing ... ». Salvini promises an ad hoc decree for Rome, but also for other cities in crisis (Catania, Alessandria, etc.). The M5s must decide now whether to swallow the toad or open the crisis. Maximum irritation of Prime Minister Conte.
  • The Isis claims the attack on Sri Lanka. The death toll is increasingly serious: now there are 321, including 40 children. For the defense minister, the massacre is a response to the sovereign massacre of Christchurch in New Zealand which killed 49 people.
  • I polls they give the League growing, the M5s stable or falling.
  • Di Maio insists on Siri's resignation and argues with Salvini on April 25th.
  • We have the debt heaviest in Europe, only the Greek beat us.
  • La layoffs Is increasing. Taranto among the cities that are worse, Crotone among those that are better.
  • Compared to 2008 i teachers they lost a thousand euros a year on their salary.
  • It will take another three months to find out how she died Imane Fadil, the model who was to testify at the Ruby ter trial.
  • Nasrin who has fought against the veil in Iran will have to stay in prison for twelve years. The Saudis executed 37 men accused of being terrorists: 36 beheaded and one crucified.
  • La Juventus give up the stripes on the shirt.

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