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Natural Theater The flavors of autumn to enhance the excellence of the new extra virgin olive oil

The flavors of autumn to enhance the excellence of the new extra virgin olive oil

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"If I prefer autumn to spring, it is because in autumn you look at the sky, in spring the earth". (Søren Kierkegaard)

In this period I look at the olive trees and talk to producer friends, we talk about the past and plan future projects, it is a period of waiting, transition, until new oil is collected and created. The tension is evident and reflects the season that has come after the carefree summer.

Pumpkin (Nikhita Singhalby unsplash.com)

It is a particular phase, there is a desire for change, the fruit ripens and the wait is tiring, it is not easy to undergo these changes but it is still a period with its charms.

This morning I finally opened the first bottle of the 2019/2020 campaign and resumed that ritual left out for a few months, the tasting early in the morning, with the silence of dawn and the smell of the night going away. I tasted the Biancolilla della az. Titone.

The room was immediately filled with the scent of cut grass, rocket, tomato leaves, a mix that has yet to give the best of itself but already fills with emotions, strong, clean, herbaceous sensations on the palate to awaken any seasonal torpor.

The urge to turn on the stove and prepare something was enormous.

How can you resist those perfumes, those sensations?

It was 6 in the morning and not being able to cook a pasta dish, with my eyes closed I began to fantasize about a series of possible harmonizations for that oil.

At this moment in my kitchen a huge pumpkin "lives", companion of a recent trip, which is disputed between my daughter and ME: I want to cook it in a thousand ways, she wants to transform it into a pagan symbol for a party I don't love , and so I thought: pumpkin, biancolilla, pumpkin, herbaceous scents, lack of flavor, sweetness of the pumpkin ... and so I created this recipe that I prepared for dinner.

Pumpkin cream noodles, potatoes and mussels flavored with AZ biancolilla. Titone

200gr of egg noodles
400gr of pumpkin
1kg of mussels
1 small potato
1 shallot
1 cloves of garlic
Finely chopped parsley
Extra virgin olive oil Monovarietal Biancolilla Az. Titone

Clean the mussels and cook them without oil with the finely chopped shallot and garlic clove, when cooked remove the "shells" and set them aside.
With the filtered mussel water, cook the pumpkin and potato cut very small, after cooked blend them with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil (in this case I need the oil as a binder).
Add the mussels and mix with the noodles that we have cooked in the meantime.
Serve and serve with a round of Biancolilla and a sprinkling of parsley.
The sweetness of the mussels and the flavor of the water will perfectly combine with the sweetness of the pumpkin cream, all enhanced by the hints of tomato and cut grass of extra virgin olive oil (in this case the oil is a seasoning).

An exciting start to the olive season! An autumn to live and eat.

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