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Uncomfortable diary The free man respects the ideas of anyone, as long as they are expressed ...

The free man respects the ideas of anyone, as long as they are expressed without the conditioning of others

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It can sometimes appear right-wing or left-wing and even populist, but it has no coloring, nor does it seek consensus. It only wants to induce the reader to reflect as all free men should be able to do

After Brexit, England will still be called the United Kingdom, but it becomes an island again

It comes out of Europe where the monarchy is still taken seriously to put itself under the protection of the United States and undergo colonization. Thus he renounces - the Prime Minister has not understood it - the prestige that he will no longer have outside our provincialism. Withdrawing the drawbridge over the English Channel, the village restores its natural borders. The illegal immigrants cannot swim and will no longer take away the work of the Lady who yearns to be carers. No one welcomes anyone who does not speak English and does not have a specialization. Patience if, then, the spaghetti will be overcooked and the pizza will have the flavor of pudding.

The life of the Neapolitans in the hands of the baby gangs

You no longer hear about the Camorra. It's as if it never existed, swept by children who play criminals and get killed. Nobody should die at 15. Who knows why Rolex exerts such a charm in Naples on small offenders as to risk their lives. Once the epidemic has been defeated, President, it is urgent to fight this other virus, which seems to kill less but is even more dangerous because it upsets the city, which today is unlivable. The adults then destroy the emergency room, a crime considered minor by a power of attorney also overwhelmed by now endemic crime.

Italy is not the third most infected country in the world, but the most naive

How can we blame the health and scientific directors who finally have the opportunity to appear on TV and in newspapers? Red area deaths and press conferences increase daily. Paralysis of social and commercial activities. Even sports stop. The government has nothing to do with it. Alarming news comes from hospitals and the media. The smarter foreigners, if an elderly person suffering from severe pneumonia dies or who has a tumor at the last stage, attribute the death to that disease, not to the Coronavirus. This is why today the Chinese are no longer unectors, but those fools of Italians.

In China, those who do not respect the entry bans in the contagion areas risk seven years, with us a fine of € 102

The facets of idiocy are many and not easy to classify. The imbeciles have such a wealth of resources that, if they knew how to act contrary to their instincts, they would be brilliant. They manage, for futile and insignificant reasons, without any advantage, to jeopardize their health. Examples are found every day, everywhere. An unpublished case occurred at the checkpoint in a red area of ​​the Lodi area. 18 people evaded the controls - some to enter, others to sneak out of places where the virus is most at risk of contagion - only to visit relatives.

Finally young people understand that living is not as easy as they thought

 The elderly, although more at risk, do not dramatize. They've seen all sorts of things in their complicated existence. They have learned to suffer, gritting their teeth, and they know that misfortunes are faced with resignation. For young people, however, who have not known war, nor hunger or even terrorism, the virus is the first discomfort they have faced since they were born. It is not good, but an opportunity for them to understand that life is not just pleasure. When we overcome the epidemic, nothing will be the same again. They will all be more mature and aware of their responsibilities.

Nobody dies if tourism is in crisis and the shops are empty

But what does it matter if the Giro d'Italia and Milan Sanremo skip, if the European Football Cup will be postponed for a few months and if the Tokyo Olympics will be held in the autumn? Pupils will survive even if the school curriculum is not completed. It is not serious even if the Serie A championship is distorted by matches without an audience. Nothing is more important and urgent than trying to stop the epidemic and save some human lives, perhaps of some useless old man. So much so, we are used to economic crises. Why dramatize now that health is involved?

Justice and childhood abandoned at the time of the Coronavirus

The carabiniere, who also defended himself from the masked robber who had pointed the gun at his temple to steal his watch, also faces a life sentence. Then he turned out to be a child. Initially accused of excess self-defense, he is now being investigated for voluntary murder. When reliable witnesses are heard - who knows if among those who destroyed the hospital - the aggravation of the premeditation will risk. In fact, it seems that he managed to be attacked in order to be able to kill the innocent boy. In this society it is not only the mayonnaise that is going crazy.

These reflections are addressed above all to intellectuals, artists, professionals, the productive class and probe people to reflect on their role as guide of the society to which they have abdicated. Who out of ambition or longing for money, who simply out of indolence or because ill-advised, have all joined the mass of beggars who support power and beg for its crumbs. We have been going from bad to worse since the middle class has dissolved, leaving the country without example or culture, and not even conscience. The bourgeoisie must regain the prerogatives that are natural to it to restore dignity and rights to poor people.

They are customary and even political thoughts, but always above ideologies and parties. If you like them - even if you don't share them - freely disseminate them, passing them on to friends or publishing them, without having to ask for their authorization or to mention the source. Maybe, letting us know to thank you. The important thing is that everyone, of any tendency, is stimulated to reflect to avoid being manipulated. If, however, you are not interested or even annoyed, do not be embarrassed to let us know frankly with an email to suspend them.

Below, the cover of my latest book, from a few months in the library. If you don't find it, ask the bookseller to book it. You can also buy it on the Internet (from Amazon, IBS, etc.) for 11 € 90.

journey in life

"Journey through life" is a book of philosophy in which, to make it more pleasant, the theory has been replaced by anecdotes. He urges young people not to imitate us parents and grandparents who, by transgressing the most basic rules of civil coexistence and following a policy conducted by mediocre people, have complicated his life and compromised the future.

Only the new generation can save Italy, making sure that no one considers himself smarter than others. If not, everything will collapse. If it is only criminals who bribe and steal - as it once was - society can amortize the damage. If, on the other hand, everyone is transgressing, failure is inevitable, even for those who caused it.

The book transports the reader into a fairy tale in which he identifies himself, becoming a happy protagonist. At the end of the reading, returning to the sad reality, he realizes that it was not a dream but the life that we could all live if each of us behaved a little better.

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