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Monday 10 May 2021

Uncomfortable diary The function of newspapers is not to insult when you don't share ...

The function of newspapers is not to insult when ideology is not shared

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It is true that Raggi has transformed the capital of Italy into a dunghill, but why call it a hot potato? How do you know that Iotti - I remember that unfortunately the Communists ate children at that time - was good in the kitchen and in bed? What is the consequence and the political damage of such information? The gossip is not so bad as the number of voyeurs who approve it by continuing to read it. It means that there are many of us who allow vulgarity and malpractice. In this climate of decay there are also those who sell themselves. The traitor does not know that he will be despised even by those who corrupted him.

Virginia Rages
Virginia Rages

A champion has not been born in Italian football for thirty years

They win golden balls, send fans from all over the world into raptures, earn tens of millions, pay few taxes and moreover they try to escape them. Everywhere there is a prison for tax evaders, except for them. If not, the admirers are bad. Here there is a law that provides huge tax breaks for those who invest in Italy. Who knows why, there are also the players who, instead of increasing production, bring Italian capital abroad. There are a lot of money, given that each team is mainly made up of foreigners. We believe we are smart. Instead we are stupid certificates.

Any Englishman would have won against a Bolshevik and anti-Semitic Labor like Corbyn

An eccentric and ambitious British politician who is also an American citizen was needed to get a country that has no affinity with Europe to move away from the continent - the presidency of the United States could be the next stage in Boris Johnson's brilliant career - with Jewish and even Turkish ancestry. After introducing the study of Latin in schools, no one will be surprised if the Kingdom no longer united - Scotland wants independence - abandoned the decimal system to return to complex measures such as degrees fahrenheit and guinea, shilling, pound, foot, gallon .

Here is an example of direct democracy with the extraordinary contribution of the unions

The parable of the clever husband who castrates himself to spite his wife is as old as the cuckoo. But neither the employees of Ilva nor those of Alitalia know about it. That's why they didn't kick ass who suggests they go on strike while trying to find a difficult solution to the two problems. Steel production and the prestige of the flag carrier are vital for the country. In fact, a good strike is always good for us. It is the so-called "icing on the cake" to hasten unemployment. However, it gives visibility to the union. Patience if so many jobs are compromised.

We in politics have nothing to envy anyone

The young age at the head of a government has become, as in swimming, a precious feature. For some time the New Zealander Jacinda Ardern has kept the record, however, now elderly 39 years old. She was ousted three months ago by the new Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk, who is 35. But the Finns have beaten everyone with Sanna Marin, who, at 34, is now the youngest in the world. Another record of the girl, mother in turn, is being the first premier daughter of two mothers. We were overtaking anyone with Di Maio who, however, at 33, was satisfied with foreigners.

We are all potential killers, not just behind the wheel

Do you, like me, think the horn is an indicator of danger? If you pay attention, however, you will find that it is used only to urge those who do not start with a rocket at the traffic light that has turned green and above all to insult, with a longer sound, those who make the slightest infraction and obstruct the passage to the hasty for a few seconds. If, instead of acoustics, we had a weapon, we would not hesitate to use it to kill those who annoy us. Although we have enjoyed freedom and well-being for many years now, we have such anger in our bodies as to cancel solidarity and due love for our neighbor.

Too many contrasts and hatred between wealthy Italians, like on the eve of a civil war

Insults, threats, aggressions, lies and falsehoods. As if we lived in a police state and minorities had no speech. As if there were no health care or subsidies for the unemployed and not even human rights. The media spread alarm. Yet we are the most motorized country in the world, 78% live in their own homes, with the highest savings in the bank. We do the hard work for immigrants, we have the latest generation mobile phone and we retire at 62 despite the growing longevity. We have more than we deserve and we would like even more.

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