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News preview In Rome the Hippie Carnival Edition Festival

In Rome the Hippie Carnival Edition Festival

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Today at the Circolo degli Illuminati the most imaginative Carnival in the capital comes to life, with over 300 artists from all over Italy, including artisans, stylists, painters, astrologers and fortune tellers, jugglers, musicians, street artists, dancers.

In Rome the Hippie Carnival Edition Festival
In Rome the Hippie Carnival Edition Festival

Hippie Carnival Edition Festival, full program

  • To open the curtain the oriental dance company Sahara's Secretes that will accompany you in the magical atmospheres of the oriental world with choreography and solos that explore the various styles of the Raqs Sharqi
  • From 15.00 the Shape Company will leave viewers speechless thanks to the breathtaking numbers of acrobatics, fakirism, verticalism, popping, acrobalance, and electric boogie.
  • 16.30 Al Qamar Ensemble presents a compelling and innovative show that combines contemporary style with traditional oriental dance.
  • 17.00 pm Live music with the group THUMBPULSAZIONI DI LIKEMBE, DRONE DIDGERIDOO, RHYTHMS AND ELECTRONICS Contemporary tribal music inspired by African music, with psychedelic contaminations of didgeridoos and urban atmospheres: this is THUMB. Musical project born in Rome in 2018 from the meeting between Giuliano Lucarini (electric Likembe, percussion) and Christian Muela (Didjeridoo, electronics). THUMB is the pulsation through sound, it is the earth evoked by the drums and the ancient sound of the didgeridoo.
  • 18.00 pm Francesca Trezza's Twins Project group will take you on a journey through spicy melodies and oriental rhythms, tribal dances and contemporary fusions.
  • 19.00 Jimmy Twice in a live DJ set on vinyl that crosses the Funk and Downtempo repertoire.

The Hippie Festivals are organized monthly in the heart of Garbatella and are an entertainment event for families and young people, as well as being a paradise for shopping and for fans of fashion and design.

Some concerts today in Italy:

  • Liam Gallagher at MediolanumForum in Assago (Milan)
  • Nomads at Tenda Theater - Via Indipendenza in Novellara (Reggio Emilia)
  • Megadeth at Alcatraz in Milan
  • Cisco at Mercato Sonato in Bologna
  • Willie Peyote at the Hall of Padua

Today in theaters

CATERINA - On the trail of the voice of a singer and ethnomusicologist who has rediscovered the popular song. A film by Francesco Corsi. With Giovanni Bartolomei, Giovanna Marini, Jamie Marie Lazzara, Andrea Fantacci

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