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Restless heart The Holy Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist

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"Let me explain your anxiety to receive the Holy Eucharist every day, because whoever feels himself a child of God has an imperious need for Christ" (Forge 830). We will soon return, in one way or another, to the possibility of attending Holy Mass and of receiving Jesus in Communion. This troubled period allowed us to reflect on our desire to receive Christ. Custom, an inadequate religious formation, the dominant culture and so on ... led us to a conception of Christianity as a simple attitude of goodness. In the era of self-made man the idea that the Christian is one who is good and does good is rooted.

Singular is the answer that Jesus gives to the rich young man who challenges him by calling him a "good teacher" (Mark 10). Jesus replies: "no one is good, except one alone, that is God". I don't think Jesus said that phrase out of saintliness. If he said it, it is to distance us from the temptation to think we are good. I am not good. I am capable of anything if God abandons me. If I want to follow God's will, I need His help. To Saint Paul who was grieving because he did things he did not want, the Lord says: "My grace is enough for you". Grace is the help of God, a help that comes from outside of ourselves even if it acts in the depths of our conscience.

I feel the need to clarify this point now that we are once again to freely access Mass and Communion with Jesus. A God who feeds himself is not only a Father who recommends us to be good, it is Christ with whom I have to identify myself. Although it seems ridiculous to me that I can identify myself with Jesus, I must desire it, even though I know it is an unattainable goal. Jesus exchanged his heart with Saint Catherine of Siena and wants to do it with each of us and this is different from the simple desire to be "good".

 God is other than me. It is true that I have been adopted as his son, but I am nothing compared to him and it is good that this is clear to me. At the Last Supper, Jesus calls the apostles "friends" and I am also in the number, but this friendship must be cultivated. This is the mystery that surrounds the Christian who wishes to live in God like fish in water but is weighed down by his miseries and by the distance between man and God. The relationship with God is the life of the Christian, but this relationship is not definable to our liking but depends on its grace. The Christian is an "employee", he can also be a lover, but there is an addiction to God that must not be forgotten. Therefore there is a need for prayer, Mass and Communion.

They are fundamental and well known truths but I feel the need to remember them because the commitment to be good can be treacherous and make me think that it is something that I decide for myself. No. It is the relationship with Jesus that matters.

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