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Restless heart The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

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In the New Testament there is a magnificent book called The Acts of the Apostles which tells of the early days of the Church after the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ. Jesus had promised that the Father would send "the Comforter, the Holy Spirit who will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said to you (John 14)". On the day of Pentecost this promise is kept: the Apostles are transformed. From shy they become brazen: they speak clearly and everyone understands them. Three thousand are baptized.

In the Old Testament we speak of the Holy Spirit: it hovers over the waters at the moment of creation, while in the New Testament it is the protagonist of the Annunciation. Creation and redemption. The Holy Spirit gives life and gives a turning point in the life of men.

The Acts of the Apostles are imbued with the Holy Spirit. "It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us" (At 15,13) the Apostles affirm after the first council, when the course of conduct had to be decided with the converted pagans.

The Holy Spirit makes Saint Paul clearly understand where he must go and where he must stop. He is the great director who governs the birth of the Church. Jesus had promised it.

Mary is the bride of the Holy Spirit and takes him with her making John the Baptist jump in Elizabeth's womb, who in turn is inspired when she says: "Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb" (Lc 1,42:XNUMX). Mary teaches us to listen to her voice by meditating on events in her heart. The Holy Spirit burst forth on the day of Pentecost while the Apostles are with Mary.

It has always been clear to me that the Holy Spirit is not a divinity in himself but is a divine person in relationship with the Father and the Son. It has its own role. He is the sweet guest of the soul, the one I can listen to in the moment of silent prayer and thanksgiving after Communion. How many mistakes I would have avoided listening better to the Holy Spirit and how much I have to thank him for the path of my life. I try to meditate on these things together with Mary who is the great chest of the Holy Spirit.

I know that God the Father is almighty and I turn to Him when I need His power. I know that the merits of Jesus are superabundant and therefore I pray with the Church: "For Jesus Christ our Lord". I ask the Holy Spirit for light at all times, and there are many, that I feel the need to understand what I have to do. In addition there is the bride of the Holy Spirit, Mary, daughter of God the Father and mother of God the Son who is the suppliant omnipotence. She who is full of the Holy Spirit enlightens me and is herself the mother to turn to. In conclusion, it seems to me that I know enough about the Trinity to have a living relationship with God and to feel myself on a mission on His behalf. «As the Father has sent me so I send you» said Jesus. These are fundamental concepts: it helps me a lot to go back over them and stop on them. I am a son of God the Father, brother of Jesus, container of the Holy Spirit and protected by Mary. It's a lot…

The Holy Spirit, sweet host of the soul, more intimate to me than myself, as Augustine said, is our support and that of the whole Church: it is not only a personal support but of the whole human community. Let's face it: without the Christian spirit, civilization falls inexorably. An example before our eyes: the European Community was born mainly through the work of convinced Christians such as De Gasperi, Schuman (the beatification process is underway for both) and Adenauer. After the first years, technocratic culture has imposed itself, generating a technical entity in which it is difficult to recognize oneself. It is just an example, which recalls the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. When men claim to create a common work apart from God, the result is confusion and division. In Pentecost an organizational unity is not realized but a substantial unity that is born from the communion of saints, even in the differences of languages ​​and cultures. There is little to do: our civilization is born from the uninhabiting of the Holy Spirit in hearts. Without him, nothing.

I was always struck by the story of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the disciples as we read in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. Something spectacular happens: the roar of a rushing wind and tongues of fire on everyone's head. But what amazes me and makes me think is the fact that for some time the Apostles had seen and heard wonderful things, such as the miracles of Jesus and above all his Resurrection. Thomas had put his hand in the wounds, they had seen the risen Jesus eat to clarify that he was not a ghost but a real (glorious) body. Nonetheless, they do not come out shouting on the streets, they remain silent and gathered to pray. Only when the Holy Spirit arrives is there an apostolic explosion: they speak to the people and a large crowd is converted. Why did the Lord arrange things so? Obviously to make me understand that alone I am not able to transmit the Gospel. Only with the Holy Spirit can an effective action be carried out, hearts can be touched. This collaboration between God and man leaves me banned. Especially in our time, with the culture of making oneself, I feel inclined to design great strategies for making Jesus known, and instead the Lord says to me: "Be quiet, pray and things will go by themselves and you will be sure that it is the grace of God who acts. Rather try to be humble and possibly cheerful because joy is the first consequence of the presence of the Spirit ». When do I move well? When I have the fire inside and the fire kindles the Holy Spirit. If I think about the banality of my life if I had not met Jesus ... And I can understand Jesus if it is the Holy Spirit that makes me understand him.

The Holy Spirit

The gift of the Holy Spirit, which summarizes all the other gifts in itself, is serenity. What comes from God brings serenity. The priest told me when I went back to confession for the first time. It is a comforting truth. The serenity of the Christian is a gift for those who live with him. A serene person is more desirable than an efficient one, because doing things is not enough, you have to do them spreading peace. Serenity does not come from "American positive thinking", but from the certainty of being loved by God. God's paths are not worldly: success, money, sensuality, noise, popularity. God communicates with the prophet Elijah not in fire, wind or earthquake (1 Kings 19), but with a light breath; to come among us he chooses the womb of a humble girl, he is born in a stable, leads a hidden life, then does wonderful things explaining the meaning to twelve not exceptional people, dies suffering, abandoned by everyone except his mother and the adolescent Giovanni . He is a silent God capable of comforting those who suffer because he precedes and accompanies him. The believer knows that contrarieties have a value that will be revealed to us at the end of life and knows that he must not pursue vanity. It is serene and brings the good smell of Jesus even if he does not notice it. The Christian does not renounce the rights of a citizen, but does not place his hope in them. He knows he is on a mission on behalf of God ("As the Father sent me so I send you", Gv 20,21:XNUMX), but God himself will give him apostolic efficacy. The saints suffer, like Jesus, but they are serene because the Holy Spirit supports them.

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