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Free Thought The illustrious victims of the Coronavirus

The illustrious victims of the Coronavirus

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The most illustrious victims of the Coronavirus were not, as it might seem, men and characters of great and renowned reputation of the political and social reality of the Planet, but two abstract entities (albeit terribly concrete in the effects produced by their presence): the Catholic Church and the European Union.

In fact, as far as religious authority is concerned, epidemics have never historically benefited the idea of ​​the existence of a God. The faithful have always shown that they do not understand the reason for such massive massacres and massacres and without any discrimination .

Innocent and brave doctors were the first to fall under the deadly fury of Covid19.
It was easier in the time of Thucydides, to avoid the divinity rock. In fact, the first great historian of the West simply gave the living and posterity the lucid and scientific description of the symptoms of an epidemic (the plague, which ravaged the city of Athens between 430 and 427 BC). As a skeptical and enlightened man of reason there was, in his writing, no reference to metaphysical forces. Thucydides developed his story without being misled even by moral or sentimental prejudices.

Viruses, pestilences and faith

Lucretius who, centuries later, collected his narrative, added human and earthly considerations on the decay of moral values ​​and on the effects of social disintegration produced by the disease.

Equally secular was the description of the plague of 1348 in Florence made by Boccaccio, representative of the crepucle of the Middle Ages and anticipator of Humanism and the Renaissance. To tell us about ten young people who, in order to escape the contagion, shut themselves at home and tell each other for ten days about pleasant and spicy stories, daring in the description of carnal love and devoid of moral and religious preconceptions, he added only a few considerations on loss. of dignity and modesty of human beings, the only ones to be at the center of his attention: and this in the presence and because of the danger of becoming infected.

Even the Catholic Manzoni, in describing the plague in Milan of 1630, focuses critically on popular stupidity which requires particularly crowded processions and collective prayers to appease God: with the involuntary but foreseeable effect of a greater increase in the epidemic. More secularly, the Lombard writer emphasizes the inability of the civil authorities to deal with the disease, as well as the aggressiveness that develops among individuals with hunts for guns and the like.

More surprisingly, Camus who takes the plague of Oran, in French Algeria, as a starting point to affirm his theory on the impossibility of defeating evil on the Planet; a vision that contrasts somewhat with its secularism. And this even if the French-speaking writer spares us from linking that presence to the Devil.

The absence or at least the decline of any religious afflatus in facing the world crisis of Coronavirus (or Covid19) today is demonstrated daily by the responsible behavior of the Pontiff who closes the Churches to the faithful, prevents the crazy gesture of fanatical fideists from pushing the infected in the pools of Lourdes (with the risk of anticipating the end of their days and denying, coram populo, the miraculousness of the water), an unsightly, modern canopy is built in Saint Peter's square (without, however, giving up being resume on television in a solitude made fake by the troupe of television operators), recites the streaming, renounces the large-scale exchange of olive branches on Sundays which, however, for reasons that are all too understandable, is called delle Palme and above all barbaric and unsanitary custom of kissing the feet of the poor on Holy Thursday before Easter.

Coronavirus and the European Union

The second illustrious victim of the Coronavirus was the European Union, not surprisingly linked to the first by the intense relations between the IOR and the Tycoons of Western Finance.
For those who have read my articles online, they know that the terrible disease has only made evident and incontrovertible those signs of decay, of political corruption of the mass-media system and of enslavement of the Union's economic action to the diktats of the Banks which, with a minimum of attention to the facts and without the blinders of the so-called "democrats" (Catholics and Communists) and liberals (pretend) nestled in the parties of the so-called moderate right of the Eurocontinent, they were already clearly visible.

Only the blindness of the European voters has meant that the only politically important battle in the Member States (the re-discussion of the Treaties and, hopefully, the constitution of the United States of Europe with a political authority capable of avoiding, as it happened , in North America and in England to the overwhelming hegemony of Wall Street and the City) was left in the hands of an Ultra-right, uncultivated, rhetoric and speech, in search of a confused and indiscriminate consent (with rosaries, santini, and crazy requests for openings of places of worship), with nationalistic references and implicit revaluation of a time to be considered, instead, gone forever.

That Ultra-right, unable to distinguish between instances of recovery of sovereignty unjustly removed from the States and nostalgia for "eras" even worse than the current one, should go out, for the good of the Peninsula and of the entire continental part of Europe, strongly downsized and reduced in its physiological limits so as not to harm democracy.

It is necessary, however, that those who in good faith have believed for decades in the Christian Democrats, Social-Communists and fascists of old and new coinage, review their positions and convert to a new liberalism, completely unprecedented in Italy (and in the rest of the old continent), inspired by our distant, pragmatic and non-ideological history (republican Rome) and the recent history of the Anglo-Saxon countries, aimed at giving Italian industry back the role it had before the Euro and the Maastricht Treaties, when Germany and France feared exports of excellent Made in Italy products and the commercial distribution chains still had indigenous names.

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