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Natural Theater The importance of microbiome balance to make the gut happy

The importance of the balance of the microbiome to make the intestine happy

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Nutribiotics is the food that supports the microbiota. If there are few bifidobacteria in the intestine, the recommended diet is rich in foods such as chicory, onion, potatoes and cabbage because they contain probiotics, non-digestible substances that form the culture medium suitable for promoting the growth of this family. If the deficiency concerns the lactobacilli, especially important for the small intestine, fermented foods are more suitable. The nutribiotic diet includes a list of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having the bowel in place helps the immune system to function better. We talked about the well-being of the intestine with Dr. Carla Marzetti, microbiologist, Scientific Director and founder of the Valsambro Analysis Laboratory in Bologna.

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  • Doctor, how does the intestine become pathological and create problems for us?

“The well-being of the intestine is already prepared during pregnancy: it depends, in fact, on the mother's nutrition and lifestyle, on her immune status and on the type of delivery. Much of the colonization of microorganisms occurs through the birth canal, while with caesarean section most of beneficial microorganisms are lost. There are, therefore, individuals who are already leaving with an unfavorable microbiota. The set of intestinal microorganisms is called a microbiota. It includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. The value of the microbiota has only recently been ascertained. The intestine is of fundamental importance for our health and is connected to all the other organs of our body. Hundreds of publications now prove it. "

  • How do we know if the intestine is altered?

“To find out if the intestine is altered, several aspects need to be addressed and investigated: the composition of the microbiota; the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, an eventual inflammation and the state of the intestinal mucosa. It is therefore necessary to have a complete picture from which to draw the necessary targeted strategies for restoring balance. "

  • Can you briefly explain why intestinal pathogens can cause autoimmunity?

“The latter is a complex topic. The pathogen 's mechanisms of action are different: evade immune surveillance, weaken it, confuse the immune system itself through molecular mimicry that induce action against cellular sequences similar to the pathogen itself ".

  • What is permeable bowel syndrome?

“The intestinal wall is made of cells that are adhered and glued to each other: the so-called tight junctions. When these, for various reasons (inflammation, intoxication) widen, they let bacteria pass through the intestine and circulate and are transported to other districts. "

  • What should be done to reprogram the intestinal flora?

“There are fundamental steps that must be followed to achieve intestinal well-being. In fact, it is necessary to eliminate pathogens and inflammation; recolonise with probiotic bacteria for the purpose of reprogramming immunity. "

  • Is there a bowel friendly diet?

"Sure. It is called nutribiotica: it is a food program developed on the basis of the "" Gut Screening "" test that is performed on the stool and urine, and analyzes both the digestive part and the microbiological part of the flora of the intestine.

  • Does the intestine also affect our mood and therefore the perception of the disease?

"The intestine-brain connection is very studied today, not only because serotonin (the serenity hormone) is produced largely in the intestine, but because some metabolites of the anomalous flora can be very toxic and damage the nervous system, causing psychological, psychiatric problems or even serious neurological diseases. "

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