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News preview The League flies to polls at 36,2%, the M5s at 27,7

The League flies to polls at 36,2%, the M5s at 27,7

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The League flies to polls at 36,2%, the M5s at 27,7

The League flies to polls at 36,2% (+ 1,5% on the latest survey), the M5s at 27,7% (-1%), the Democratic Party at 16,6 (+ 0,3%). This is the latest survey by Pagnoncelli on the CdS, which confirms the evolution of the power relations between the political formations after the vote of 4 March. In practice, Salvini has more than doubled his consents. Pagnoncelli, however, draws attention to the fact that the area of ​​uncertain or abstentionists has also extended: 36,2%, «that is to say almost 3,2 million more voters than politics. As the abstention increases, the League increases the result thanks to the strong stability of its electorate, unlike the other political forces that mark the exit of voters who to a large extent express their disappointment by choosing not to choose, abstaining from voting ».

«Who knows if the dead souls of the Democratic Party and what remains of the left have read the survey by Nando Pagnoncelli in Corriere di yesterday: for the first time in 25 years, the right is approaching 50% and the center-left does not reach 20. That is: if we voted tomorrow, we would have a nice Salvisconi government, with Salvini prime minister and B. minister, perhaps to justice. If they had any ideas, the seven dwarf candidates in the dem primaries could tell us now, given that they cleverly set the congress on March 3 (there's plenty of time, isn't there?) »[Travaglio, Fatto].

Salvini opens to the EU about the deficit

After the dinner with Juncker in which their respective positions remained unchanged and the subsequent meeting with Macron and Merkel, Prime Minister Conte said he was optimistic about the possibility that the dialogue will continue: «The climate is confirmed as good, there is mutual trust, we trust to be able to complete the path with mutual satisfaction ». While Salvini, interviewed by Adnkronos, made it known that the deficit level at 2,4% of GDP written by the government in the Def and reaffirmed in any way in Brussels may not be untouchable: «I think nobody is attached to that, if there is a maneuver that makes the country grow it can be 2,2, 2.6 ... It is not a problem of decimals, it is a problem of seriousness and concreteness ». The Five Stars have followed the line indicated by the Northern League leader: "As we have always said, the theme is not the wall against the wall on the deficit, on which there has always been full dialogue". A summit is scheduled for tonight between the Prime Minister, the two vice-premieres and the Minister of Economy Tria.

«This time the government will not fall but, as things have gone, it is not at all certain that it will also pass through the winter season unscathed. Indeed, it is very likely that soon, suddenly, the time for early political elections will come. According to the ex-rector of Bocconi Guido Tabellini the crisis could arrive even before the European ones since, when at the beginning of 2019 it will be clear that the economy is not restarting (or is in recession) and that Giuseppe Conte's team is not in able to cope with securities issues, the financial situation will worsen and at that point it will be difficult for the government to survive "[Mieli, CdS]


Forattini designed a cartoon in which Golgotha ​​was seen with Andreotti in the part of Christ, and two mafiosi in the part of the two thieves. Under the crosses of the two mafiosi Forattini wrote: "Salvo Ignazio" and "Salvo Antonino". Below that of Andreotti: "Except Anyway". Then the prosecutor Antonino Ingroia summoned him to the Palace of Justice as a person informed of the facts [Piroso, Verità].

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