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Diary of a quarantine The lost throne

The lost throne

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Di Luigi Fierro

The train of life has stopped, and it doesn't seem to want to leave.
There is no Sunday, there is no Monday, or Tuesday, it is always the same day; the hope is that this train will be able to leave soon. Today there is no music, there is no melody, but only a note of melancholy.

In this period, I look at the photos of the past, when I was happy, calm, in an unconscious "golden age". I would like to see my friends, my classmates, my teachers again and find in their eyes the lightheartedness of a time that had the ability to make me feel safe.

I would like to go back to my habits, that is to go out with my friends, drink a coffee, without the worry that the danger is on the corner. My biggest fear is that we may lose the lightness and spontaneity that characterized our actions. Unfortunately, we will not immediately return to normal; the only way to shorten times is to respect the rules, which means respecting yourself and others.

From this experience we will perhaps have the fate of others more at heart. We understand that we are a single organism that works in unison and that by our human nature we need to live together with others. To date the condition of man is like that of an "ousted king", we have lost our throne, indeed we have understood that we do not rule the world, but we must adapt to it.

My hope is that the man from this experience has understood that the enemy is not the next, not another state, and that an atomic bomb, a gun, a wall do not safeguard us, do not make us safer. History teaches us that even in the past there have been epidemics, such as the plague, the Spanish one, the more recent Sars, and they are the real danger to humans.

Our job is to prevent these tragedies. We must not forget this experience, rather tell it to our children, grandchildren so that the new generation understands what the real dangers are for humanity.

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