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Good people The Mostaccioli of San Francesco

The Mostaccioli of San Francesco

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According to an ancient legend, St. Francis, who arrived in Rome to go to the audience with the Pope, was invited to taste an ancient Roman "dolcetto": the mostaccioli. In the oldest recipe, the one used in the XNUMXth century, they were packed with bread dough, grape must and toasted almonds, to which some grains of anise were sometimes added, once the various ingredients were mixed, the dough was rolled out as if to make a sheet a couple of centimeters high, then cut into rhombuses about half the size of a walnut and cooked in the oven at low temperature for about half an hour. It seems that San Francesco liked the "Mostaccioli" very much, a term deriving from the must used to make them.

The Mostaccioli of San Francesco
The Mostaccioli of San Francesco. Photo credit: Italian cuisine

I confess I have never tasted the mostaccioli of the original recipe: my knowledge refers to those that my grandmother Adele made, with honey instead of must, a pinch of pepper instead of anise, flour, toasted almonds and clear d ' egg whisked to make the mostacciolo softer: for the rest, all according to the original recipe.

The result, in my childhood memories, was formidable. In the following years I tried those that were sold in cinemas during the interval between one time and another of the films: they were not the same thing, just as they are not, although of good quality, still sold today in some Roman pastry shops in Trastevere. Even the time of the Mostaccioli seems very far away.

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