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Leafing through the New York Times The New York Times on Sunday 12/07/2020

The New York Times on Sunday 12/07/2020

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As always on Sunday, the New York Times is much bigger, both in volume and in price ... ($ 6). It is composed of 9 files. Here they are.

  • 1 / 32 pages. It doesn't have a specific title, it's The New York Times. It also includes sport, which has its own file on Monday. Most important article (not main news because the news is from the other day) from the first page: “Trump repays the loyalty of his collaborators with a bailout. Last case of bending justice for its ends". He naturally refers to the cancellation, imposed by Trump on the Ministry of Justice, of the 40-month prison sentence on his accomplice / collaborator / friend Roger Stone convicted of lying to parliament in the investigation into relations between Trump and Russia. According to the Constitution, the President has the right of forgiveness, which Trump has extended to the limits of legality, to protect his faithful. His decision sparked violent criticism from all sides. In another article on the same topic titled "Trump ignores boundaries even by Nixon," Republican Senator Mitt Romney said: "Unprecedented historical corruption: US president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury for lying to protect that same president ". But criticism, even from his own co-religionists, Trump does not care. We can only hope that the voters will remember this in November.
  • 2 / 10 pages. AT HOME. HOW WE LIVE NOW. Most interesting article: “Establish rituals to feel more secure". Adding touches like family lunches and personal mantras to your day can help you find calm in these uncertain times.
  • 3 / 18 pages. SUNDAY BUSINESS. INVESTMENTS, INNOVATION, WORK. First page all about camera photographs. Title: "He'll pay for the rooms. A tech tycoon explains his plan for a city surveillance system". Chris Larsen, a veteran of cryptography, is willing to pay for hundreds of cameras in San Francisco. He sees it as an alternative to current urban security systems and hopes it will become a model for other cities.
  • 4 / 10 pages. REAL ESTATE (real estate). OWNERS, TENANTS, RESTRUCTURERS. Entire first page: “Leaving New York". Most New Yorkers who own second homes left as soon as the virus hit, but a few remained. One of them, portrayed in a large photo applauding from the balcony, says: “A lot of things happen here that the whole world is worried about. I wanted to see how they developed”. And he demonstrates his support for essential workers by clapping or banging pots, along with all the neighbors, from the balcony every night at 7am.
  • 5 / 8 pages. METROPOLITAN, I could define it: NEW YORK CITY: EVERYTHING HAPPENS OUTSIDE MANHATTAN. Two front page articles dedicated to those who are hungry. "Refrigerators on the sidewalks, open to all". Activists fill them up to help people in the city who struggle with the insecurity of eating. And "Fighting hunger across New York." Charity leaders have rearranged them to create and distribute meals. In the photo: Reverend Marko who transformed his church into a warehouse for food donated to him to be distributed to the needy.
  • 6 / 23 pages. BOOK REVIEW (the book magazine). Reviews and rankings of recently released books. John Bolton's book on Trump, of which he has been a security adviser for 17 months, he is first in the nonfiction ranking, but he has lost a lot of appeal for the - right - accusations that Bolton did not speak during the impeachement process, just because the book had more value and therefore more money for him. But we look forward to Trump's granddaughter's book next week, whose title speaks for itself "Too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world."
  • 7 / 10 pages.  SUNDAY REVIEW. IDEAS, OPINIONS, ANALYSIS OF NEWS. The most important and profound issue. The first page is entirely occupied by a photograph of a New York street with some pedestrians, some bicycles and a few people sitting at tables. The title: "The end of carsi ".  Inside, two more complete pages, one with photos, half with drawings of how the streets of Manhattan could be transformed. More titles and subtitles that are self-explanatory. “I've seen a future without cars, and it's great. Why do American cities waste so much space on cars? " And “they are dirty, they are dangerous, they are expensive to buy and maintain, and harmful to the climate”. All true, I say, and during the epidemic we lived almost without cars around, but it seems to me that from this to a world WITHOUT cars, there is still a lot of distance.
  • 8 / 14 pages. ARTS AND LEISURE (arts and pleasures) IDEAS, PERSONALITIES. Before the virus, this booklet, entirely dedicated to what was happening in NY in the arts and shows, was fundamental. We kept it and consulted all week. Now (museums, cinemas, closed theaters) it survives by rediscovering old glories and with a lot of news on TV programs. Old glories also on the front page: full page photo with the title “Still fearless”Of the three components of the trio once known as Dixie Chicks and now returned as Chicks after 14 years, with an album. Best wishes.
  • 9 / 66 pages. THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. Typical format of the weeklies. On the cover: "When reality is surreal, only reality TV series Does this make sense. " Then pages with the names of the writers of TV series who collaborated. And a page in large letters that I transcribe verbatim: “The decameron project. While contagion raged in Florence in 1348, the writer Giovanni Boccaccio knew that the best way to keep fear, pain and confusion under control was through fiction. His book "Il decamerone" inspired this edition of the magazine ".

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