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News and curiosities from the world Overcrowded Switzerland denies intensive care to the elderly

Overcrowded Switzerland denies intensive care to the elderly

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Press review from 19 to 25 October 2020.

When ICUs become congested, a choice will be made. A screening of patients that will allow doctors to choose between the hospitalization of an elderly person and the hospitalization of a young person.

This is happening in Switzerland, where the eight-page protocol, entitled “Covid-19 Pandemic,” published by the Swiss Academy of Sciences, explains the triages of intensive medicine treatments in the event of a shortage of resources. The protocol was enacted on March 20 and fortunately has never yet been applied.

Unfortunately, the situation in Switzerland is reporting a very worrying increase in daily cases, almost 6.500 new cases per day.

The doctor's decision will be dictated by the severity and age of the patient, the rules provide that in the shortage of beds, the doctor may decide not to accept people over the age of 85, and people over the age of 75 years with one of these conditions: liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure level III, heart failure of NYHA class greater than 1 and an estimated survival of less than one year.

Page 5 of the protocol: “Initial triage” lists all the criteria for admission to the intensive room, on the basis of which the doctor will have to make the hard decision of choice among the patients.


From Thursday 22 October the Constitutional Court cancels the rights of women on abortion.
It will no longer be allowed to abort in case of malformation and irreversible disease of the fetus.
An unacceptable decision that sparked the anger of the people, who took to the streets to demonstrate in front of the Curia against Jedraszewsky, the archbishop of Krakow.

The archaic decision of the Court was immediately accepted by the archbishop, who upon the arrival of the news immediately interrupted the mass celebrated in the sanctuary dedicated to the Polish pope to affirm "You could not have imagined better news".

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, continued in front of churches and party offices, with very clear slogans: "We are at war", "Woman is not an incubator". An anger justified by an unacceptable decision.


Cosimo Chionna, a 52-year-old Italian, was arrested near Strasbourg, in Ruhershein -Le-Haut, with a European arrest warrant issued by Germany, on charges of rape and sexual violence.

The man is accused of raping the children of companies from 2000 to 2014, and is wanted for having committed 160 sexual assaults and violence. According to the French police, Cosimo had fled from Germany to take refuge in Alsace.

Right now he is in Colmar prison, waiting to be handed over to the German authorities.


Lorena Quaranta, 27, a medical student at the University of Messina had a dream, to become a pediatrician. Unfortunately, her path was interrupted, her life was taken from her, her boyfriend in full lockdown took her life.

The Sicilian university has decided to fulfill the dream of a student, of a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

Lorena was proclaimed Doctor of Medicine and Surgery with a grade of 110 and honors. The degree parchment was given to the girl's family during the ceremony held in the Aula Magna.

 The thesis entitled "Selective Immunodeficient: chronic mococutaneous candidiasis" was discussed by her great friend and colleague Vittoria Patorno and evaluated by the commission chaired by the Rector of the University, Salvatore Cuzzocrea. A real degree.

The young woman was strangled by Antonio De Pace, her boyfriend, a student in Dentistry. The couple had been engaged for three years and in September last year they had gone to live together near Messina, in Furci Siculo.


The latest duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden turns out to be more acceptable and less chaotic. 12 days before the election, the CNN poll sees Biden in the lead with 53% of the polls, compared to 39% for Trump.

The two candidates for the White House have clashed without escalating, compared to the last debate. This is also due to the microphone silenced in turn for 2 minutes, in order to leave both the possibility of replication and exposure.

Trump tried to defend himself by placing the blame on China, promised the arrival of the vaccine in the coming weeks and re-launched the need to open the country, because "New York is dying".

His opponent responded by showing the data of coronavirus deaths in the US, stating "whoever is responsible for so many deaths cannot be president of the United States".

A debate without limits of attack. Trump tried to deliver his best shots, hitting his opponent citing the business between Ukraine and China that sees Biden's son as the protagonist. Trump has been accused of being one of the most racist presidents in modern history.

The clash continued on climatic conditions and foreign policy, also highlighting the separation of the children of immigrants on the border with Mexico: "a criminal policy" defined by Biden.

On November 3 there will be a showdown and we will find out who will be the future president of the United States.


President Vladimir Putin revealed on October 22 in a discussion forum that nearly five thousand people have died so far in the conflict between the two countries in the breakaway Nagorno Karabakh region.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, as reported by the International newspaper, has declared in Baku and Yerevan to put an end to the bombing of civilian targets.

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