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Uncomfortable diary The passion of Italians to leave unfinished works

The passion of Italians to leave unfinished works

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The need to build unnecessary protection for Venice arises half a century ago, when in 1966 the water rose to 1.94 meters and flooded the city destroying homes and businesses. Many citizens moved to the mainland. In the 80s it was decided to build the MOSE and in 2003 the works finally started, already costing more than five and a half billion, including bribes. And they are not finished yet. When - who knows in which year - the dam will become operational it will be obsolete. There have been some deaths; many got rich, others ended up in jail. But the lagoon is always in danger.

Moses. Photo credit: Piazza Pulita - La7

Luckily, disasters in Italy are frequent in autumn and winter

Patience if someone dies or priceless masterpieces of art and history are lost. But at least people can take more original selfies. These days Piazza San Marco in Venice is full of tourists happy to be able to immortalize with the background of the most tragic environmental and cultural disaster that you remember. Fortunately, the Mose, which cost several billion and whose work began a few decades ago, is not yet complete. So high water can freely invade the city. This time the tide exaggerated a bit, it went up two meters. But people had fun and left happy.

Why don't people and works of art start moving to the mainland?

The flooding of Piazza San Marco and the various monuments, which will be more frequent from now on, is a banality in comparison to what could happen in the coming years. A study by Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, predicts a frightening catastrophe. Scientists fear that due to rising sea levels some cities in the world will be submerged. Politicians will fall from the clouds. Maybe it's Greta who brings the girl. The Mose will be transferred to an amusement park for children to play. Venice will be among the first to sink. Then, only experienced divers will be able to visit it.

Mussolini would be ashamed to have certain supporters

Even the generalissimo Franco, whose ideology in the last century led him to lead a fascist dictatorship, claimed that the fallen of the losers and the winners had to rest together, having no rivalry or adverse thoughts anymore. He also wanted to be buried with those who had persecuted and with those who supported him. Instead, without fear of falling into ridicule, nostalgic intelligentsia recently discovered that the dead of the Shoa are on the left while those of the sinkholes on the right. Therefore, they do not deserve the same memory. But nobody wonders how we could get so low.

How come the best Italian companies end up in the hands of foreigners?

It's all bad in Italy on this tour. From traffic to economy and culture. We believe we can spot the blame, but nobody is looking for remedies. Journalists, trade unions, magistrates, even the ultrà who make buu in stadiums and politics are always responsible. Mostly you think of grabbing what belongs to others. Money does not circulate because those who have it take it abroad, believing that it is safer. Running our factories would be profitable. However, the children of the knights of labor are not capable and sell them, sooner or later condemning the workers to unemployment.

Why are so many politicians opposed to prison for big tax evaders?

But yes, we also defend those who rob citizens who pay taxes! A law that protected honesty would deter foreign investors. We were once world famous for pizza and mandolin. Today also for permissiveness and stupidity. After all, we are already attracting many criminals for the leniency of justice because not even the diverted financiers. Here the worst find understanding. The jingle of handcuffs is feared as a bugbear. As if intended for good people. The suspicion arises that there is sympathy and complicity between those who decide our lives and the tax evaders.

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