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Free Thought Possible post-pandemic effects

Possible post-pandemic effects

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Radical transformations cannot take place in a country that for two thousand years (from the sunset, that is, of Republican Rome and from the entry into the boot of Jews and Christians who had the successful claim of tearing up our "roots") every habit of having a free thought, elaborated in one's head without the conditioning of magical and metaphysical vision of other worlds (of the Hereafter, of Hyperuranium).
According to many political observers, a different country will not emerge from the Covid19 pandemic (which also caused real disasters in the consolidated habits of life of the inhabitants of the Peninsula).

Of course, we admit, the substratum of irrationality of our fellow citizens will not aim at the same objectives as tradition. 
The Catholic religion has emerged rather battered from the experience of the Corona virus.  
From Francis of Assisi who embraced lepers to Francis of Buenos Aires who celebrated mass in the church-bunker of Santa Marta, in complete solitude and with the fear of contagion painted on his face and on his trembling lips (and without even asking himself the problem that, apart from the martyrdom of the origins, one of the most trumpeted works of mercy by the Church has always been to visit the sick) the step cannot be considered short. 
And the risk of "stumbling" is not minimal, because the ethics of sacrificing oneself for reasons of faith has been a best seller in Christian literature.

It will not be me, an unbeliever, who regrets that the Pontiff refused to fulfill the unsanitary and anything but dignified custom of kissing, in his embroidered and ornate sweats, the feet of the poor on the occasion of Easter and has forbidden to immerse Covid19 patients in the pools considered "miraculous" in Lourdes or to "mark themselves" with holy water, but it is difficult for me not to remember the civil courage of Antigone, incestuous daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta (and moreover infidel-pagan ) to rebel against civil authority in the face of Creon's prohibition to give a proper burial to his brother Polinice. 
I understand, however, that it was not a great damage, from the point of view of a layman, to do without the so-called sacrament of extreme unction, which should slightly change the tragic fate of death, for those who imagine a merciful God, seated high in the heavens.

Having said that, I have little illusion that the loss of religiosity will mean the acquisition of reasoning and logic by the overwhelming prevalence of Italians. 
A country that has always shared with the Catholic faith the fanatical irrationalism first of the fascists and then that of the communists will certainly invent a new religion. In the shocking period of the Coronavirus it was that of medical science: my only doubt is whether this faith will survive the end of the disease.
Let's see, however, what happened in the terrible course of the epidemic first.
Used to the fervent Mussolini words of the oceanic gatherings in Piazza Venezia and the inflamed speeches of the followers and "ideological descendants" of Stalin, Secchia and Togliatti in the red flag rallies in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, when the Italians saw themselves deprived of urbi et orbi blessings of St. Peter's Square, Sunday contacts with parish priests felt the need to create and venerate new "protectors" (even the Saints had not shown themselves up to the situation) and identified them in an enormous number of virologists, epidemiologists, infectious diseases, medical care bureaucrats or ministerial level employees.

For the orphans of the Catholic religion, for the disappointed with the red flag (which triumphed in Russia, but with beneficial effects only for the members of the Nomenklatura!), For the nostalgic resigned to eja eja alalà, the doors of Academic Science have opened or Hospital.
A multitude of devotees of ideology, religious or philosophical, always in need of teachers who explain everything, who direct daily actions, who give utopian and imaginative visions of the future, after the disappointments suffered, have been able to place in medical science (that of the new "Stars" of the Italian firmament) the same uncritical trust that placed in poor country parish priests, in modest section secretaries who became men of government, in "comrades" who, despite never having had a dagger between their teeth, felt "squadrists" "By vocation.
It is a fairly widespread opinion that, fortunately, the end of the pandemic will free the Italians from the scientists-Creon, from the doctors with the frustrated ambition of being prison guards, from the fanaticisms of the men alone in command and so on. "Sanitization" will extend beyond current limits and for different purposes.

There are those who believe, however, that "herd immunity" (which will exist despite the catastrophic predictions of virologists, epidemiologists etc. etc. who would see in it the end of their super-star presence in the mass system. media) will be added as a positive connotation to the many negative characteristics of a people that "flock" became two thousand years ago, when it was discovered "Middle Eastern roots", despite being born and raised in Europe.
I, on the other hand, have the hope that the collapse of the "myth" of medical science, as of all crazy fanaticisms, will be inevitable when all the messes that have characterized, with due and commendable exceptions, the life of the places of Italian care, during the pandemic.

I also believe that even if religious and ideological irrationality leaves the places of the "Bel Paese", revealing the deceptions of which the Italians have been victims for two thousand years, there will be a recovery of the practical and experimental rationality that was typical of the ancestors Greco-Roman (the only ones in the world, at that time, not to be ensnared by oriental magical visions) which will allow us to see reality without the illusions, false promises and scamming sales pitches of the provincial Dulcamara of politics.
Rationality that will also allow us to clearly see the need both to proceed step by step and never lose sight of the objective of changing the treaties of the European Union, which as they stand lead us straight to a new feudal continent in the the hands of bankers (the landowners of the Third Millennium).
It is true that this would also happen in France but who tells us that today's yellow vests are of the same paste as the late eighteenth-century sans-culottes and are not, instead, foraged by the Bankers themselves to keep the "catapulted" Emmanuel "slapped" Macron?

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