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Editorials by Giampaolo Sodano The President Conte, the Mayor Raggi and the Riace Bronzes

The President Conte, the Mayor Raggi and the Riace Bronzes

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SODANE - The day after tomorrow, November 10th could be the day when Rome, the capital of Italy, will be freed from the presence of a mayor who, for good reason, can be judged to be the worst that has ever been seated on the highest bench on the Capitol. A young lady, or as the militants of Beppe Grillo's movement call themselves the citizen Virginia Raggi, lawyer without art or part, voted some time ago by a majority of Roman archistufs of the wrongdoings of the leaders of the Democratic Party, could be forced by a sentence of the Court of Rome and by a regulation of the movement to have to resign and go home. But however the disappointment of the Roman citizens who supported it is such that the political career of the Rays can be considered to have come to an end.

PACELLI - On October 5, in the Roman edition of the "Corriere della Sera", an embarrassing photograph appeared to say the least: the Prime Minister Conte was traveling along a street in Rome surrounded by his escort with an Air Force general at his side. Nothing in particular, if it were not for Conte's gaze, fixed in front of him, perhaps not to step on the rubbish that sprinkled the road probably coming out of the large sacks placed along the sidewalks. No comment. No one who has expressed a minimum of wonder for the capital of a large European country where the head of government walks through the waste. The pentastellato Mayor is silent, barricaded in the Capitol, the staff of the AMA municipalized company of the urban garbage strikes, the CEO of the company promises the impossibility of paying the salaries of the employees for lack of funds: in Rome all this belongs to everyday life.

SODANE - And if we add to all this the horror of San Lorenzo the measure is full. The Truce Salvini could not fail to notice it. He descended like a hawk among the inhabitants of the Roman quarter to make his harangue: restore order and safety, outside the Rays inside the Saltamartini. And so began the new election campaign for the Capitol. But wasn't the people's lawyer the Prime Minister?

PACELLI - President Conte seems to have forgotten him: if he remembered he would feel at least embarrassed not to show any discomfort in the situation in which the Roman people find themselves: according to the premises, he should not, as his lawyer, intervene so that the disgrace of a city ceases where public services are now a distant mirage. ATAC, an urban transport company, on the verge of bankruptcy, lacks the means of transport necessary to meet its institutional tasks. The AMA seems to be navigating in the sidereal space, the ACEA water and electricity company has the President investigated for several crimes, while the rain submerges the streets as the sewer system, with blocked drains, is unable to receive rainwater ... This is Rome today. Does not the people's lawyer believe that the people of Rome also have some rights that should be protected against a municipal administration that does not know whether to define it as more inept or unconscious? Or maybe his action is held back by the fear of displeasing Di Maio to whom the Prime Minister owes? It may also be that it all depends on being happy with the definition given to him by a barbarian, as stated in a recent television interview.

Count Riace Bronzes of Riace
Conte, Raggi and the Riace Bronzes

SODANE - But in the "Rome case" the barbarians did not arrive from northern Europe, they already had their residence in the eternal city near Ostiense, where there is the ACEA tower block. This is the historic company that supplies the capital with water and energy, chaired by a well-known businessman in the good graces of the Minister of Justice, who recently decided to ration the light to the city. Whole neighborhoods in the dark cause a very old network, insufficient maintenance to say the least and finally the failure to prune the trees. Alberto Torquati, democratic president of the fifteenth town hall, attributes to the latter non-compliance of the Capitol the reason why walking at night has become a high-risk operation. Only the barbarians could turn off the light in Rome, without anyone daring to protest. What can you do?

PACELLI - Sometimes it is necessary to change Lawyer in order not to end up in innocent prison. It seems instead unfair with the accusations against the Mayor: now she has been told everything but the lawyer Virginia Raggi has decided not to give up the little place on the Capitol. Who knows why, Riace bronzes, including faces, come to mind.

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