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Leafing through the New York Times The president makes two quick decisions to help the poor

The president makes two quick decisions to help the poor

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The president makes two quick decisions to help the poor. “An economic imperative”. Urges lawmakers to pass the $ 1,9 trillion bill for widespread aid. President Biden signs two legislative decrees to help  families in difficulty and increase the wages of certain workers, using the power of decrees (which do not need approval from Parliament), while the outcome of the stimulus law remains uncertain. "The crisis is worsening," he said and help the poor is “an economic imperative. We have the tools to do it, let's use them. All. Now". The two decrees will increase the sums that needy families receive each month for food and for students whose schools have been closed by the pandemic. Another decree will set a minimum of $ 15 per hour for federal employees.


- Senate leaders agree to postpone Trump's trial. The deal gives Biden time to focus on his plans. The trial was postponed for two weeks, giving Biden time to finish installing his government and start moving on his legislative agenda.

- A mutiny stopped Trump's Justice Ministry project. With the help of one of the domestic officials, Trump had planned to sack Acting Justice Minister Jeffrey Rosen and replace him with a loyalist in order to reverse the election results in Georgia. But the entire body of prosecutors made it known that he would resign and the ex-president was forced to give up the project.

- In Wuhan, glimpses of the post-pandemic world. A large photo of a cheering crowd, with this caption summarizing the article: "Wuhan had been closed a year ago. Today, on the surface, the city pulsates with activity. But many people still struggle with anger and pain ”.

- Presidential pardon frees a drug dealer, known for violence and threats. Forgiving him, the White House did not make any specific comments and did not mention that Jonathan Braun is under investigation for other crimes including an operation he organized to give predatory loans to owners of small businesses.

- Obituary with photograph of Hank Aaron. A great baseball champion, he was one of the very first blacks to become and remain for many years a star in a sport reserved for a long time only for whites.


- The senate approves the defense minister. Lloyd Austin was confirmed with 93 to 2. He's the first black to fill that spot.

- Re-establishing the rules for the environment. Biden has promised to re-enact the rules canceled by his predecessor. But it will take years. 

- The variant poses dangers in the USA. As the number of new cases had begun to decline, variants of the virus threaten to create new increases.

- Electric cars are good business. New research on electric cars shows that they are less polluting than petrol ones. But in the long run they are also cheaper.

-  The elite of Ethiopia under siege. The politicians and military who once ran the country are tracked down, captured and sometimes killed by the government forces now in command of the region. 

- Russia agrees on the extension of the pact. The Kremlin has accepted Biden's offer to extend the nuclear weapons pact, even though the new administration intends to take tougher stances in other matters. 

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