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Recommended The race for Rome begins!

The race for Rome begins!

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Here is a game with pyrotechnic fireworks, bizarre hypotheses, fine articles by great journalists, headlines from the front page and so on and so forth, the race to the Capitol.

Tempers are heated and candidates of all kinds appear, every day on social media, especially on Twitter, you live on the wave of hashtags that talk about those who will apply as First Citizen of the Capital, but there are only names and slogans, no programs.

Not being able and unwilling to cry, given that there are much more serious things in this period, let's say that a bitter laugh snakes among the Romans and on social networks, who like me leads a daily battle to restore dignity to Rome and to tell the degradation and the unstoppable collapse of the most beautiful capital in the world.

Yes, Rome is truly a "great beauty", it is not for nothing that it won the Oscar and has been defined as "caput mundi" for centuries and centuries. Rome with its colors, with its unique corners in the world, Rome that could make you live of only beauty, history, culture and magnificence, for years has been prey to sloppiness, neglect, abandonment, indifference, and while all this happens they make you smile those who only today realize it and decide to get on the wagons (or perhaps chariots) of the various candidates, having in a conspiratorial and indolent way decided to remain silent in the face of what was happening.

Rome, badly governed or perhaps not governed at all, in the hands of incapable, presumptuous and totally unfit to lead an important, complicated, difficult but extraordinary city. And so also the citizens, very few real Romans and Romans by adoption, have let it go, have indolently allowed all this to happen.

But coming out of the debates that tell of tactics, strategies, power games, often in strict politics or mumbling "words, words, words", many citizens and voters have decided to tell about Rome, to discuss and fight for the city, often of divergent ideas and often with different styles and registers.

Not at all detracting from the editorialists who for a few weeks have begun to flood the information channels with unsolicited opinions and analysis of possible or often unlikely scenarios, we at Twitter have been fighting for years to win attention, indomitable, without losing a day to report with irreverent, ironic, angry and detailed posts the facts and misdeeds of a council that has really reached its peak, a council led by a mayor who has repeatedly disrespected all citizens, making fun and using propaganda to cover immense flaws and truly unimaginable inefficiencies.

We have become for Beppe Grillo "people of the sewer"And for the future candidate Vittorio Sgarbi we will most likely become"goats, goats, goats”, What will Giletti or Porro say? What awaits us and what other surprises will come out of the hat, we had to endure official defenses from Sabrina Ferilli and even from the wife of the Raggi.

The Mayor, who has spent a lot of money to turn herself into a comic that appeared on the Roman walls, has the only great merit of having compacted left and right against her and made us aware that this time it will not be a political movement to make the " Revolution ”but the citizens who only want a good government.

The Movement failed in the capital, the price was paid by Rome and its inhabitants, while the opposition and the other members kept silent and pretended not to see like ostriches.

There is "fantasy football" but for a few days there has also been a "fantagiunta" on Twitter and so tired and tired we have created a council with creative departments: departments for holes, forests, in search of decorum, green on sidewalks, escalators , to chicken coops (they are the orange fences that signal disruptions), to flambus, to wrong races, to falling branches and of course to "waste", the requirements are precisely for some of us incompetence, on the other hand this is what happens now in the Capitol.

Politicians make proclamations but it is clear that anyone who applies will have difficulty in writing science fiction programs, but the misfortune could be being elected, before reviving Rome it will take years, work with your head down and a lot of infinite patience and commitment and above all it will take great determination and courage. It would be interesting if the daring candidates try to involve the people of the web who have managed more than politics to give answers to citizens, thanks to complaints, photos, reports and complaints.

The "Revolution" does not need numbers and stars, it needs facts, it needs to listen to the territory, to deal with the suburbs, with the discomfort of a metropolis, to be capable and attentive administrators, all obviousities that are no longer part of the agendas of the Executive and the Council and allow me of politics.

If I could write a letter to Santa Claus in addition to begging him to forgive us for Spelacchio, I would ask him to give us a good and conversational policy, administrators with experience and responsibility, all in all it doesn't seem like much, let's return primacy to politics, it's not enough to scream and protest for govern a capital city of an Empire, the city that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their life, if all roads lead to Rome we hope that whoever "conquers" the famous balcony overlooking the Imperial Forums will be occupied by a credible person who knows how to give trust and hope.

We will not give up Rome the story continues… to the next episode (article 1 of 2).

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