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Artisan post The reasons for Olio Sapiens

The reasons for Olio Sapiens

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by Lamberto Baccioni

There are high-level IPER areas for the presentation and promotion of wines in which the product is enhanced by the presence of the same producer who presents it, describing it and proposing a toast. But oil is not wine. The oil of excellence needs a specific environment where you can appreciate its sensorial functionality: the oil is not drunk, eaten. Oil is a valuable ingredient, such as truffle: a few grams change the sensory profile of food. And this is what consumers interested in understanding it should appreciate.

I prefer to think that the environments where to promote are those of the Chefs, Food Boutiques, high gastronomy events, large international events. Here is a reflection I made on the theme of the Convivium of the senses of the oil.

The reasons of oil sapiens
The reasons for oil sapiens (pixabay.com)

I have a dream: to see the birth of a market niche destined for excellent oils that are obtained from producers of excellence for cultured and demanding customers ready to add them to their favorite foods to give them color, aroma and flavor by personalizing and characterizing them.

In this dream, the producers of excellence are credible because they are competent and honest and therefore transparent. They are ready to guarantee their product, until their customer arrives on the table. They take care of all the phases of the supply chain, including the distribution conditions, because after working and suffering for a year they cannot abandon their product in the hands of the case or worse in those of an inattentive and unprepared distribution. They would never accept seeing their image ruined for guilty neglect!

So always in my dream these producers meet, they know each other, they trust each other and decide to make a system to get together on the tables of their customers, wherever they are, ready to guarantee the excellence of their oil. In my dream working together these producers of excellence help each other get informed organize themselves equip themselves with internal and external skills to be the best not only in the content of their bottles but also in the shapes of their bottles of their labels of their messages of their initiatives culture training promotion.

In my dream this system is called OlioSapiens and I would like it to become reality. And I would like to go on this adventure with some excellent people knowing that the path is long and difficult.

Post script: critical points of the project sapiens oil

The theme on which we are reflecting is complex to implement because the segment of oils of excellence has not yet been consolidated and, if for production it is "only" a matter of competence and honesty, for the part of the chain that reaches the consumer's table they are some nodes to solve:

  • Awareness and acceptance by the consumer of the value of excellence: price per pack (25-50-100-250-500 ml), price per service (dose in the restaurant).
  • Interest of the large-scale retail trade in the segment of excellence
  • Investments in marketing and communication
  • Legislation that limits the possibility of expression of the sensory and nutritional value of the oils on the label
  • Lack of a language suitable for transmitting excellence to the consumer
  • Inadequacy of the sensorial evaluation system to describe the merits of oils of excellence
  • Inadequacy of the reward system to enhance excellence
  • Definition and acquisition of the concepts of excellence

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